Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Last Week~

One week has passed...nothing significant, but there were highlights...

Arrived on a Sunday evening. Went shopping first - to stock up on essentials that have been depleted before the hols. Then went back. I thought things would turn out just fine...but as I walked through the door...THE.BITCH.IS.STILL.HERE!!!!!!!! Even if I don't hate him/her, I still need to leave the room anytime with a sense of security, with assurance that my stuff is safe from Bai Ling/Winona Ryder.

Got fever+sore muscles+sore throat from Sunday to Wednesday. Had to go to the clinic to avoid aggravation. Thanks Yus for bringing me there. I guess it's from extensive travelling, extensive behavior-controlling in KK (being a good boy is hard work), new surroundings, and also High Blood Pressure from having to put up with a BITCH in my room.

Classes were normal; totally new lecturers. Met two: they were hard-hitters. One swipe and you're cursed for life. But it's all for our own good...Oh BTW, no more Ko-Q this sem. YAY! But Boo for Training Camp at the end of the semester. Total Beech~~~~

Friday: Awal Muharam. Holiday=Long Holiday. Regret a little for not going to KL. Money is in. Did more shopping. Broadband bought. Very happy. Only started using today. :D Next u: Tebrau City. SHOPPING!

Went out with Dylah Friday afternoon. Gorged on Japanese fare and shopped at Jusco. Bought necessities and not-so-necessities. Planning on a cheap phone to replace the old one; and W series MP3 Player for my evening runs...;)

It's good to know that I'm not swayed by this windfall of cash: I still thing four times before buying stuff, opting for cheaper alternatives and generic brands, thinking need before want...but some things are meant to be WANTED. and these little splurges shall be ALLOWED.

Sunday evening, dinner with an old pal. He asked me to accompany him clubbing this Tuesday. I haven't been to clubs before; how thw experience will be, I have no idea. I just hope that I'll be able to be there for Wednesday's class... :P