Thursday, October 21, 2010


*sigh* after much consideration, i have made my decision about the Global Outreach Program... they proposed two destinations due to the fact that our class was too big to accommodate the 20+ pax allowance for GOP groups, so we had to separate it. and on the day of the member-picking, i was absent... so after the thing i was approached by three friends about it, whom i though were in the same team... this was when i wasn't clear of the GOP thing. now that i am briefed on the situation, i am very much conflicted. i love everyone of them, i have close friends on both sides. therefore i have taken much time to consider the pros and cons of each side (sorry about that, friends).

i have been quite curious about india, being familiar with ayurveda and yoga at one point in my life; the culture is quite amazing. china i'm not so keen about - coz i have been living as a half-chinese guy for all my life - i wake up everyday to see a chinese lad in the mirror for goodness' sake. hahaha... nothing new in that sense - the culture and lifestyle i am quite familiar with. sure it would be easy to utilize my mandarin (and possibly, hakka) proficiency but i've had enough of that... i am up for anything, as long as there is a decent toilet and clean water around. but seeing these two sides have the same prospect of lavatory services, then that's not a case in point. hahaha... but then, i found one weak spot on Team China that allows Team India a lead in the race of determining whose side i'm gonna join.

after much deliberation on my running trips and those sleepless nights, i have decided to join the Heart Of India faction of 3SGG's GOP ... i sincerely apologize to the other group because i can't join you guys... without me, undoubtedly you guys would have fun anyways! :)

i wish both sides luck on the GOP :)

today's the day the fairy tale storybook opens again... happy 3rd month-versary :)

don't wait up...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20th october 2010

feeling feverish and experiencing dizziness. finally settled matters of returning camping equipment to KRP office. minor problem, just reprimanded of a petty thing about donning the matric card. but i kept the flight attendant mode on, smiled and just borrowed a card holder to display it. it is so trivial. besides, i was about to lift heavy stuff into the store - has anybody seen laborers donning name cards during their work time? so anyways, i did everything promptly, got the deposit back and rushed to the fac for the test. did nicely - just extracted whatever i had from my memory about datacomm and hope for the best. finished and then went back to jog.

i miss my cliques. after the camp, i was looking forward to hanging out with syaz, nisa and mimi, even if it was just for dinner. but they were busy with their assignments. and until now i haven't been able to meet them properly. monday i met up with them for lunch but it was spent mostly on getting angry with Old Town and Station 1. poor service. hate the shop owner, not the workers. they're immigrants. of course it's gonna be hard to communicate. then it was cut short coz they had to go see their lecturer about something. there goes my laundry, haircut and shopping errands... syaz offered to fetch me to send my laundry that night but i declined... they were very busy, and she was in K11 - no way i'm gonna trouble them with my silly little errand :) i hope i get to see you all tomorrow :)

sent the laundry today, thanks to a dear old friend who even treated me to lunch. had my haircut too. then the aforementioned KRP+test+jogging story. after that, i feel so lonely. and sick. dyana and sher are obviously out of the question due to the car wreck. but sher told me that the workshop said it'd be finished this friday or on the weekend... good news, then. not that i don't want to hang out with the other friends in my life, but i want to have uninhibited conversations and be myself totally. 

you're coming this weekend... can't wait... wanna have looooooong conversations with you...

roomie's gone to Amsterdam until next tuesday... more loneliness. huhuhuhu... 

1st year juniors' a joy to be with - cool people. beautiful people ;P

Sunday, October 17, 2010

current thoughts

i would blog about my recent FYE, but more on that later - when i have the energy and mind power to continuously form full sentences. meanwhile here are some penned/typed out thoughts:

- feeling even more sorry for Sher about her car after reading her blogpost - didn't think that the car would be such a problem since she's a girl who knows her stuff.
- i'm feeling weird about some people. it's as though i did something wrong to them. but i have been thinking about it since the day they went silent - where did i go wrong?
- still wondering about the old man at the camp - am i the only one who sees him?
- FYE WAS A BLAST!!! thanks to everyone involved, and a special thanks to those who helped me out a LOT throughout the program - wouldn't have been able to cope with everything without you all! :D
- i missed my domo-kun!! and i can't wait for the 21st of october... you're coming :)
- I.WANT.SHISHA. and roti pisang, and nasi lemak, and teh halia.
- aches in my pecs, shoulders and thighs - i've got weightlifters' thighs from all the heavy lifting and going up and down hills...
- e-portfolio's not done yet. i don't even know where and how to start!!
- seriously hungry and bored. i wanna see my cliques but they have their own stuff to do. *sigh*
- a recent though formed from the staying up in the camp: it's been a long while since i've seen mum draw anything. i remember the sketches of ladies in wedding dresses when i was a wee tyke.
- i don't feel like going to class... :(

i'd pen more but they aren't as relevant and aren't currently in my mind's line-of-sight. not to mention the mental fatigue i have right now... :-/

OMG! final exam is coming...