Friday, October 15, 2010

friday 15th october 2010

it's been so long since i've posted anything - too busy with stuff! what i can say is thank God for the relative ease of things that needs handling for the FYE camping... gonna leave for the camping this afternoon...

gonna miss you my love... muah!!! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i'm REALLY sorry~

i thought we sorted things out... but imagine my surprise when you sent that message to me on Facebook... it was an old post, the time when we were in a tiff... i am sorry about that... :(

i'm really really really really sorry...

Monday, October 11, 2010

just thoughts

things between me and you are back to fine... love you!! :)

i got to get the tent thing settled ASAP - camping's in less than a week!

no class for tomorrow - but changed with a Friday afternoon class. dang.

feeling VERY nostalgic today - listened to ABBA, Carpenters and Andy Williams.


gossip girl

aside from the glamorous lifestyle, the drama and the occasional pop culture humor (that no regular Malaysian would catch, i'm sure), i believe that the appeal of gossip girl to me is the characters. i feel like i have a little bit of everyone in gossip girl. (no horn-tooting intended)

serena van der woodsen: the one i relate with the most (hence the surname in facebook). the free-spirited happy girl of the bunch. unintentionally popular, but likes the spotlight nevertheless. her sense of style is lovely. flowy, feminine but with an edge to it. she practically ignores blair's bluntness (something i need to learn - ignoring negative comments from factions of little or no importance). i connect to her because i like to throw an outfit off balance out with something different (but still subtle enough for the delicate and conservative Malaysian style-scape) and i like hanging out with friends, being happy and carefree, and being a bit flirty at times. her passion for culture and pop culture (though not thorough) is also something i am learning - getting to know my Malaysia in every aspect, especially the obscure, the path less taken (partly due to the recent spike in my interest for  local literature.)

blair waldorf: a fashion designer mum is cool (though her emotional distance is uncool). i connect with blair because she likes to keep a sense of decorum and etiquette, sometimes to the point of being uptight. that's how i am with a new environment/around new people; i tend to freeze up and be polar opposites of my true persona. sometimes even getting labeled as "skema". hahaha... something i want to learn from blair is her headstrong persona and her ability to blackmail and scheme. it certainly will be labeled as selfish, but it's part of survival. i can't be all nice, now can i?

dan humphrey: english-language lover. obviously the prime reason i relate to him. tongue-tied, conflicted, kinda weird around (non-friend) girls. a big brother (i'm eldest). he has cedric, i have domo-kun (haha). curly dark hair. aspires to write professionally. i do too, fingers crossed :) 

jenny humphrey: edgy chic (at least in the later seasons). wannabe (hence the blogpost) but not to the point of stepping on people in the journey. i aspire to become skinny like her but i'd prefer realism - just be as thin as i can :)

nate archibald: family drama no one really knows and understands, but often gets judged blindly because of the veneer of perfection his family projects, as well as the fact that he prefers to hide the truth to protect the family reputation.

vanessa abrams: movie- and literature buff; my pursuit too is to read as many old books that mum has in her stash, to learn more about literature, a path in life that is obviously denied to me...

notice the taper in my notes about the characters? coz i didn't prepare an outline and character synopsis on paper first. this came straight out of the mind. i know GG watchers also relate to the characters. thats why we love the series. 


get well soon

at last, the ego must give way to compassion. last night i was mad at you. then you said you are sick, down with the fever. fine. but still, it doesn't exempt you from explaining yourself later.

get well soon dear~

Sunday, October 10, 2010


a quick entry before going back into the ArcGIS thingy that i am STILL trying to figure out.

it has been fine weather for a few days now - alhamdulillah for it. thus i wasn't gonna waste those good evenings. so i ran and ran and ran. my legs hurt but it was worth it - when again will they have consecutive peachy weather like this? :)

i have yet to finish my English Portfolio. darnit.

i finished How I Met Your Mother season 5 and i am LOVING IT!! :D

Gossip Girl season 4 is fine - but i only have 2 episodes... would love to have the next episodes! anybody has it?

oh yeah, Sherry's car got into an accident yesterday. i was shocked but now i feel fine. it was hit on my side, who wouldn't be shocked? but i feel sorry for Sherry coz her car was injured. subsequently it ruined our plans for last night... we had shisha and dinner planned, but lastly it was cancelled due to obvious reasons... but alhamdulillah we are fine. got to meet Dyana's BF live and Sher's two friends too. Oh, and Fiza and Aina whom i only have heard in stories but finally can meet :)

craving KFC spicy chicken. and ayam madu from meranti (again). and i want a haircut to get the hair on my  sides trimmed. my hair got better. thanks Sunsilk! :)

lectures are practically over... but we still have to go to classes. and there are still assignments to do. i want to focus on studying... it's like an effing reality TV show where we  have little time to do stuff and are constantly in dramatic mode and experiencing sudden twists in the plot. the fact that we are surrounded by CCTVs further proves the point.

and someone is so happily enjoying the day off... that my phone was devoid of messages... hurm... feeling lonely. and hungry :P