Friday, February 26, 2010

My last update is around after CNY, before I head home to UTM. LOL. It's been so long. I'm a bit lazy to update this, and I don't know how and what to talk about. Huhuhu so, let's just open a new page and write about what happened last night-slash-this-morning. :P

I had extra class last night - spatial statistics. Not really an extra class but a retimed class. We were supposed to have that class at 4pm, but he retimed it to 8.45pm. What a pain, man. But whatevs - it's just a class and I don't have anything to do that night anyway. At least that's what I thought :P

So off we went to class, walking. I accompanied Ms Lim Mei Yee (my fellow coursemate) as she was alone. No harm in that. We arrived early, but well, as Malaysian Timing goes, it didn't start at 8.45pm, but later than that. Okay, he came, he taught, he left. It was spatial statistics, specifically about area patterns. I found class to be interesting in the first half hour, and then drifted off to nowhere. LOL. After that I accompanied her back. Walking too. When I reached my room, there was a YM window open - Dyana! I tried to reply but it turns out that it was offline already. So off I went to call her. She asked me out, along with her roommate Sherry. She said to bring books along to study in McD later - we weren't going to go back in the wee hours; it requires card-scanning and potentially blacklisting. LOL.

So we headed to our 1st destination - Singgah Selalu for shisha. I kinda was worried coz I had no dinner. It was crowded. We moved around twice before settling down to a comfortable, shisha-friendly spot. I took a Durian Mega Gel ABC, and got the shisha. We always take a long time deciding what flavor of shisha to take, so this time we winged it - CHOCOLATE. It didn't even taste like Chocolate, and I did most of it. Sherry second, while Dyana did the least shisha. Huhuhu we left early that night as the crowd was kinda boring and we were kinda bored. After SS we went to go round over to Stulang towards the Zon. At this moment, I don't recall anything actually. I just remembered babbling, and being all crazy. Seriously, it's been a while since I've had shisha, and coupled with the fact that I had it with an empty stomach, I guess I was pretty banged-up last night. HAHAHA~

Okay, we ended the night with McD. Not the one outside UTM this time - we had to escape it and went on being ourselves for once. So here are some of the pix of us in McD...

Me being playful with Dyana's new laptop - it's so light and portable and running on Windows 7!

Double Cheeseburger~

Dyana in my snowcap :P

Dyana in my glasses ;)

Dyana+Sherry - BFFs! :D

Random shoot :)

Crazy... :)

After having supper (it was dinner for me :P) we proceeded to studying. YES, we did study. And I found that I study better here. Among friends and out of UTM. I need to do this more often. :P

Me doing RS revisions

Dyana reading Hub.Etnik

Dyana managing her Cafe world (okay, she wasn't studying, but it's good managerial training :D)

Studying paraphernalia...the pack of cigs isn't mine :P

Sherry's sleepy manager face...

Sherry's "bow" (The M logo) :P

I was so high last night, it seems. I recall Dyana and Sherry calling me "sot". Hahaha~. And I think I made quite a scene in McD. Being loud and crazy. Hahaha...well, I won't be returning there anytime soon...I hope :P

I wish I had more of these all-nighters...although it's hell to pay when daybreak comes... :D