Saturday, April 10, 2010



the lone bahulu

this bahulu is one of the twelve that i've gobbled up during my day trip today (rm3/12pcs at tesco tebrau). i'm was on the verge of dying of boredom in the black hole, and my saviour-slash-friend texted me around 12.30pm and asked me if i'd accompany him to oversee the fan installation for his family's new home. it's located somewhere near tebrau (i forgot the exact venue). so off we went. it's awfully far away - he's in utm and the home's here. near tebrau. i feel sorry for his looooooong commute (he's not staying in utm). so here we are...

home sweet home

it's just a humble abode...but nicely designed. i love the layout. although i myself am not a fan of single-storey houses, i have to say i fell in love with this. i wonder how his family will decorate it later ;)

the unfurnished home

view from the back door

the installed mirror


installing the fan

after the installation and cleaning up is done, i'm feeling peckish (actually, i've been hungry since leaving utm - no lunch yet) so off we went to tesco. i've never been to tesco tebrau before (haven't been to any tesco outlets, actually) so he took me there. it was decent, and nice. many families. had lunch of nasi ayam at the tesco food court, and bought the aforementioned kuih bahulu. nice treat. :) then we strolled around tesco. after tesco we went over to carrefour, near that area too. there we continued strolling, and chanced across this petite girl. you be the judge. for me, it ain't pretty. :P

faux pas - scream murder!

then we went over to the fresh foods dept (a misnomer that applies to any shopping outlets :P) because he had to buy some oranges for his mom. my idle ocular gifts roamed the area:

huge watermelons at carrefour *wink wink*

yummy...huge watermelons...hehehe

after paying for some stuff (bought a cheap graphic tee for 10 bucks) we left. his mom called to check what was taking so long. hahaha...but he said that he'd go out with some friends (yeah right) for tea. so off we went to the sg. chat eateries.

sg chat eateries for tea/dinner

*cue britney spears' break the ice*

"it's been a while..."

LOL...fooling around...the ice machine at ifmi cafe is still broken. so i loooong for the delectable ais jelly cocktail/ais kacang/ais jagung and they serve a heaping serving of it! but alas, the machine is broken, so i have to wait it out. but no more. here i had the ais jelly cocktail, and my friend shared a plate of sotong kangkung with me - another dish that i've longed for.

ais jelly cocktail (halfway through)

sotong kangkung (halfway through too. hehehe)

after this, the mom called again to tell him to get he had to send me back. he said they're moving tomorrow...hope everything goes well. although he's sending me back to it, thanks to him for pulling me out of the black hole! :D




BCB jangan la macam nie...hurrmmmmm...

hati APK tak senang.

i hope its the studying that's buggin you...not you

i hope it's the stress talking...not you

i'm truly sorry~




Nidji - Sang Mantan

Dulu aku kau puja
Dulu aku kau sayang
Dulu aku sang juara
Yang slalu engkau cinta
Kini roda telah berputar

Kini aku kau hina
Kini aku kau buang
Jauh dari hidupmu
Kini aku sengsara
Roda memang telah berputar

Mana janji manismu
Mencintaiku sampai mati
Kini engkau pun pergi
Saat ku terpuruk sendiri
Akulah sang mantan
Akulah sang mantan

Sakit teriris sepi
Ketika cinta telah pergi
Akulah sang mantan
Akulah sang mantan

Mana janji manismu?
Setia sampai aku mati
Kini engkau pun pergi
Saat ku jatuh dan sendiri

Mana janji janjimu?

What's On My Mind?


1. If I could have you, I'll be the happiest guy on the planet.


2. My friend says that she forgives me, but I still doubt that she did. (reassurance required)

3. My roommate's smoking "rokok gulung" which reminds me of the days when I used to help my late grampa roll them.

4. The loss of my aunt signifies the end of an exceptional kuih raya legacy.

yummy...but no more~

5. I miss my family so much.

6. I run 55% farther when I run at night - I measured my running distance and I DID run 55% farther.

just keep running...(archuletta, 2008)

7. Running at night is FUN, but a tad scary - shouldn't have read my friends blog about the crying sound at night. LOL!

8. I can't get over the hostel application thing - SO DAMN PEEVED.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Carpenters - Won't Last A Day Without You




Thursday, April 08, 2010




Now I can breathe a sigh of relief - at least until the results come out. Hahaha~ My Programming paper is FINALLY over. What can I say about it? I can say that my exam paper would make a terrific fertilizer! :D

Before that (on Wednesday) we had Advanced English for Academic Communication exam. It. Was. Insane!!!! I had one hour left and I haven't even reached Conclusion and Recommendation yet! I think I may have been too in-depth - too much of the topic lies in speculation - does the survey refer to a word that denotes "general" idea of survey, where it could be a questionnaire or interview; or does it imply "survey" as in "we go around asking people questions"?? But I just went on with it being a general idea, and chose a questionnaire to be the instrument of research. I hope I got that right. And thus begins the journey of droning ON AND ON AND ON about the research, about the 1Malaysia concept. I had to say, I'm guilty for being in the group "Have a slight understanding of the concept". LOL, I will Google and read it up the first chance I get (meaning, after the exams. :P)

After the paper, we went out. Actually I was the one who proposed to go out as I had to do some shopping and get the broadband bill paid. My first financial responsibility - paying the broadband bill. Huhuhu~ but the bill can't be paid - don't know what stupidity the system contracted. I can only pay if I use credit card. Stup**.

Then they went their ways while I did my shopping. And then we want to do dinner but lastly didn't because it was raining. And on the way back one of us made an emotional 180° and became mad. I instinctively feel that it's my fault...I'M SORRY IF I DID ANYTHING WRONG...hurrrmmmm she's not talking up till now. Quite disturbing, really. Oh, did I mention? Syaz got a ticket for "obstructing traffic" - what a BS allegation. All other cars were parked where we parked. Where's the obstruction? It was clearly a "cari makan" ticket. BS!! And then the night me+Nisa+Juju went for dinner - actually only me+Nisa. Juju didn't have dinner.

I slept and slept until Thursday 12am - I blame the hostel application system. I lost sleep over it, and yet, I still did NOT get my preferred room! One of the guys got the room that I coveted, and I tried to ask him about it. But he didn't reply. Frankly, I AM ANNOYED. Yeah yeah yeah, I wasn't that close with him, but at least do reply to decline. I wanted to apply KRP and suddenly all of you (who originally intended to apply for KTHO) got KRP too. Besides, I was the one who came up with the idea to stay in KTHO but lastly the idea was rejected due to the distance (plus I don't have a car). My friend said that we could go and try asking/applying for a new room when the semester starts - I've got my fingers crossed about it!

Enough fuming - they don't deserve my emotions.

Oh, and one more thing: I'm peeved that no one bothered to comment on my CBox - my fellow bloggers have so many comments and yet, mine is still stuck on the "do comment on my 100th blog post" comment! And for the record, there were no comments on the 100th blog post either. How pathetic.

Enough fuming - they don't deserve my emotions.



Monday, April 05, 2010

Happiness On My Facebook Wall


The littlest things could make my day...

Mr Saharil saw my blog where I mentioned his blog (I his page: and he posted this on my Wall - I'm so flattered, I'm dying ;)

On the other hand, one of my besties Syaz posted this on my wall.

Just as I thought today would be a bleak Monday, these people made my day a lot more cheerful...

maybe not big enough for Mr Saharil :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Night At McDonald's


Girl with NO Earrings

Dangggg...*seeing a hotstuff walk by*

F R U S T !!!! :P


Hardworking Syaz... ;)

Say Whaat~

Webcam Crazinistas!!

Berkampung di McD (Kampung yang BERSEPAH!!!)

Mimi mcm Chipmunk!!!

Cuppa and Note-Reading ;)