Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello there...

How's everyone? I know my blog's a bit dusty, but I have been racking my brain about what to write about.

I've been consuming content more than creating it, to be honest. Mostly reading books, reading reviews about gadgets and news. In addition, I've been tapping into my creative side by doing what I used to love before University life robbed me of my creativity: photography and designing clothes. 

I recently read an article on how to be a good writer: keep writing! I could've slapped myself in the back of my head. It does not matter what I write about, just as long as I write something. Things will take off from there, insyaallah...

Then it dawned on me: since I love to read about reviews, why not write about MY take on the things that I have on hand? Hence for the first review, I have decided to write about my experience with a new skincare product that I have recently bought. I allow myself one week for the product before writing a full review about it. Another piece would be about my experience with my new phone (well, new for me at least, it's a pre-loved phone that I bought off a friend).

These two new articles will be done in a week. Insyaallah. Here's to free-flowing writing! *clinking champagne glasses* :)