Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun AND Responsibility

-- F R I D A Y --

TGIF!!! The day to get out of UTM and just plain escape from the hassles of the week. Be a temporary Lotus Eater. And that's exactly what me and Dyana and Sherry did.

But instead of going all out on just fun, we decided to make it productive - we will study after we've had fun. Before you start pooh-pooh on this, believe me, it certainly beats being cooped up in the campus. What I need is a new place to study. And have some fun beforehand. Kind of like clearing the mind of ALL troubles and mundane bugs before filling it with knowledge. So around 10pm, we set off to Singgah Selalu to have shisha. I had three rounds that night - kinda OTT, but it wasn't as intoxicating as it was on our last session. Maybe coz this time I had a meal beforehand. Huhuhu.

After Singgah Selalu, we went for a ride around JB city. The city made me think: Wow, how small Lahad Datu is to it. I have had this thought for a long time, but it struck me extra hard this time. But I managed to remember some routes in JB; I hope I could lead the way when my parents come over to JB. :)

After a bit of a round-round (cue Flo Rida's Right Round) we headed for McDonald's. It's the one in Jalan Skudai, by the highway heading to Skudai/UTM. Had a bit of a bite to eat (a bite is a big understatement - I had Double Cheeseburger+Coke Light+Fries+Vanila Milkshake) and then we studied. Studying there is MUCH BETTER than studying in UTM. Huhuhuhu~

Some shots taken pre-, during and post-studying:


1NF? 2NF? 3NF? BCNF?? WTF???? LOL~

Water Treatment...

BFFs - Sherry and Dyana

disclaimer: Sherry DID study, but she sat at the other table so there were no footage of her behavior that eventful morning. Sorry Sherry ;)

"Good Morning ****..." ;P

Laughing at some funny Facebook posts - POSITIVELY FUNNY!!!

Trio of Crazies :D


Around 4am, we stopped and decided to go back. But it was still within the curfew limit, and that means card-scanning and questioning...and we strive to avoid it. LOL So we ordered coffee (I felt positively full that morning) and sat around waiting for 5am to arrive. Then and there we started talking about stuff - taboo stuff, guys, girls, exes, potentials, nasty gossip, mean girls, bitches, etc. was a great laugh - I forgave myself for pigging out in the day as I could really feel the food all burnt up to be used as energy for our megawatt smiles and gigawatt laughter... :D

Finished bitching. Topped up coffee for the third time and packed up. Went back. Said goodbye to the girls. Went into room. No roomie. Undressed. Slept until 10am. And the rest is history...


Friday, March 12, 2010


O M G - Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone music video is OUT!!!

I have watched it, and what I can say is where Beyonce's music video is reminiscent of herself, so is Gaga's!!! Gaga takes some wardrobe inspiration from Her Madge-esty in the early parts of this video, and continues her trend as the outrageous outfiteer throughout the music video. Beyonce is taking a ride on the Outrageous Train too and I must say, she looks every bit as delicious too!! Dance moves' are exceptional too - wil look forward to practising it later! :D

Here's the video...enjoy!! :D

Oh, in case y'all need a refresher on Video Phone, here it is... :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Classes were as usual, classes. Mondays and Thursdays are decidedly Hellday - Programming!!! Gosh, I cringe at the thought. *cringe* LOL.

Afternoon: no Spatial Statistics. Went back to rest. Continued copying stuff into DVDs to empty up space in laptop. I now feel a renewed love for my laptop; I went and decorated it a bit, with an ObjectDock, installed CursorXP, cleaned up unnecessary files and folders, tidied up the necessary it more now...oh, and I'm currently into the color

- P U R P L E -

this is thePrntScrn image of my desktop...:D

ObjectDock on top, applied CursorXP with a purple cursor, and a purple wallpaper...kinda OTT right? :P

Went running today; my left ankle threatened to kill me. Or even worse, cramp up in public. Figures; I've ran three day's straight. Blame the unpredictable weather...So I head home with a minimal limp (gotta keep my cool image). Went back and took quick shower to avoid the "no-water scare"...and continued copying stuff into DVDs's kinda fun - a kind of "emotional spring cleaning"; removing all the clutter in my head (the stuff) and transferring it into another medium. Wish I could do the same thing for my actual brain. And then to kill time in a productive way (aside from studying), I drew and colored; it's been a LONG while since I've lifted a pencil/crayon/pastel/chalk/color pencil/paintbrush/pallette knife. So out came my 36-pack of oil pastels and A4 papers, and this is the result:

"Red Carpet Stroll"

"The Student"

"Just Flowers"

Tomorrow's Friday. Morning class of Spatial Statistics is cancelled yet again, so the day starts at 10am. Hope it goes by through 3pm class of Remote Sensing, straight into

~ S A T U R D A Y ~

And hope the weekend go by S L O O O O O O W L Y ~

( )

Monday, March 08, 2010

..:: WHAT WAS I THINKING??? ::..


You're the one who's so obsessed with me. Why am I still playing this stupid game with you?

You're the one wanting to play this game of tug-of-war so badly; When you tug harder, I reciprocated. But then you'd release your grip but still holding the rope. I'd thought "Gee, I pity you...okay, I'll hold on to it just in case you wanna play again." But that turned out to be a stupid idea.

So NOW, I'm totally releasing MY grip on this stupid tug-of-war. I'll leave you to be obsessed with the rope by yourself.






Please Forgive Me, C.
I've wronged you so much.
I know you said that you forgave me.
Yet what you say, how you act, and what you wrote shows that you still have me in your mind.
I know I've wronged you real bad.
And you have yet to forgive me entirely.
I am but a human being, full of flaws, imperfect.
And I was stupid back then.
I should not have done that to you.
In retrospect, I would've killed me if I was in your shoes.
But yet you can't get me out of your mind, and so do I.



contact me once you have read this post - I know you will read this.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Hello Monsters. (applicable to Gaga fans only)

Saturday. Started at 6.30am. Woke up, showered, packed up the last of the stuff that's needed for the Pulai Springs thing. To be exact, MALAM SELINGKAR KASIH SERIMBUN KENANGAN (MASIH 2010). I got tired of untangling my tongue everytime I say that phrase. Ugh. It was themed Fantasia Romantika. I dressed as an English gentleman. At least what I managed to scrape in at this last minute. LOL~ Oh, and BTW, I'm Head of Logistics for this event and formal emcee too.

- Went to wait for the others at 8am (the proposed time of meeting). 8am becomes 9am. Typically Malaysian.

- Arrived at Pulai Springs Resort. On Muhaimin's bike (thanks Min!). Bag is in Nadia's car. Arrived there, helped about with stuff (hampers, gifts, goodie bags, etc) to be carried into the ballroom. Arrived in hall, appalled at the musky stale smell of the ballroom. The heat didn't help either. And it was SMALLER than I imagined - cramped quarters...Hurm. *thoughts to myself*

- The rest of the gang arrived. Breakfast arrived (thanks Nadia!) Ate and ate before proceeding to touch up on my script for the night. Worked with Ema, Botak and Safwan (A great team of emcees)

- Worked and worked and worked. I gave a bit of advice to practically every committee member...well, I do have some experience in these, so why not give out something? I wasn't bossy or anything, just advice, not orders. More touching up of script as there were last minute changes.

- Evening. Almost all went back. COME ON LAH! They told yours truly to bring my clothes to get dressed here. But most of them went back to get dressed. Effed up, it is. Not fair. But whatevs. Nobody (except a select few) cared to stay to stay back to watch over the stuff. I got showered, changed, and stayed. Moved around a lot that night even before the emcee gig. Hopefully it made up for the pigging out I did later on. LOL!

- Night. Planned starting: 6.30pm. Actual starting: 8.30pm!!! WTF man. LOL. Whatevs...So I just winged it. Got annoyed at the audience, so I kinda accidentally on purpose lashed out a mini-fit on stage and got stern. Hey, it was a fair exchange: You give me bullshit and I shall return the favor. The rest of the night went as usual, with me blacking-out in the middle of the show. No, I didn't pass out, but it caused my thoughts and subsequently my mind to become muddled and I kinda slurred. SORRY for THAT...Huhuhuhu~

- Finished my shift - sat at the table with the others. Chatted a while, and then got hold of the DSLR that Bal loaned. Got around enjoying my 15 seconds of FUN with the camera. Chatted up with Faizah, a fellow coursemate.
The food was scrumptious!!! It was like going into Jamie Oliver's or Nigella Lawson's house to eat!!!

- The finale: got on stage for one last time, said our apologies, hoped everybody had fun and enjoyed the fare, and good night~

- Picture time: Strangely, out of the HUNDRED of pictures that were involved last night, I didn't see much of mine. I'm peeved by this.
- Some of the pics that I got on my humble camphone... ;)

Me resting after the mental assault...

Me and Yee Shiou Xian a fellow coursemate...I envy her legs...

Me on the stage moments before the event

Fareha the Co-Director and Buza the Head-of-Protocols

Nida in her ethereal gown...nice fabric, love the drape, detailings...geometry and sof fabric combo is enticing! :D

And some pix from Mr Ivin's profile...thank you Mr Ivin!! :D

The stage decorations

Me in action. Nervously handling solo act!!!

Standing obediently while KJ gives a speech ;)

Me, Ema, Safwan and Botak closing up the dinner~

Me at the table with my fellow classmates

I envy Mr Ivin...huhuhuhu~

These are some of the pics that I managed to get on my humble phone and borrowed from Mr Ivin's profile...the rest, you could peek at on Facebook...mostly in my friends' profile...and mostly I'm not in it...huhuhu

In all...