Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Crazy and Inner Conflict

5pm. Out to Bukit Timbalan with Syaz, Nisa and Mimi where the JB Arts Festival is held. But there aren't much. Some cool crowd selling stuff. Tonnes of cool cats, indie crowd. NOT helping with my low self-esteem. Huhuhu. So we went to Plaza Kotaraya for dinner. Nasi Ayam Penyet. Then we head over to CS. Turns out they weren't going to town for JB Arts. The girls wanna shop.

Going home, but Dyana and Sherry told me that they're going into town. So I waited in CS then we headed over to K-Box at Sutera Utama. Sang for one full hour - I'm afflicted with temporary voicelessness today.

I hope that Dyana and Sherry would already be up for today's lunch date - we plan for Tebrau City, and I've got my eyes set for the MP3 player that I have been coveting for long.

I am still recuperating from the tragedy that is me not getting to buy my dream gadget. I flinch every time someone mentions it. I loathe looking at one. I hate the sight. Inability to achieve a dream is common in life. Being denied of a dream despite having the ability to achieve it is fatal to the soul.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

..:: ARGH ::..

This week is basically an escape to the island of Capri. Being a lotus eater. Just plain having fun. I have gone to ONE class only this week - I figured there will be no classes. WHY go through the effort of dressing up just to know at the last minute that class is cancelled/no class? Tomorrow's Friday, so it shall be the same as the four days before :P

The week is basically waking up, checking FB, go to lunch with my lovely and fabulous friends, rest, and then go out again in the evening. Thank goodness money has come in too - my seed money is almost running out. But that doesn't mean I get to splurge - ration it properly.

Went shopping with my lovely friends just now - JCard day. It was shopping frenzy. People everywhere. Brown's movement in action. We shopped like we are going to face a disaster, but it didn't even hit the RM200 mark (cumulatively - I just bought some stuff as I settled my necessities long before). Impressive. Then went to break fast with Syaz (just her fasting) and her sister (and her friends) before getting my laundry and going home.

Mum has already said that NO buying unnecessary stuff. So now I can't buy that thing that I have always, always, ALWAYS coveted. If I die (God forbid), I will not die satisfied. I will not be peaceful. Nobody knows how bad I want it. Only God knows, besides me.

I'm seriously depressed and frustrated.

Monday, July 12, 2010

some thoughts

*still feeling unsettled - is someone or rather some people are dishonest with me? dislike me, perhaps?*

*you're the last person i'd expect to try to change me. not that it's a bad thing, but really, i didn't see this one coming. from you, much less.*

*i still feel unwell - tried to get out of the room, to unwind with friends after a long hiatus. still, something bugs me.*

*i miss running.*

Getting Accustomed

Second day at KRP. And still getting accustomed to everything.

Spent last night (actually starting at 3am) tossing and turning. Can't get used to the SILENCE that KRP offered. I miss the odd noise in K11. KRP is surprisingly silent for a residential college teeming with testosterone-driven sport science students. Before that, I went out with Dyana and Sherry. First to JJ, and then dinner of cheese naan and tandoori chicken followed by shisha at Singgah Selalu. I missed shisha sooooo much - took a little time to get accustomed to it.

Went back at 2am, under the pretenses of just arrived from home. Got online, checked a few mails, and then washed up, went to bed. The bed aggravated my homesickness. And made it hard to breathe. Nevertheless, I was lulled to deep slumber by music from my trusty phone.

Woke up at 10.30am. I vaguely remembered my good-intentioned roommate shaking me for Subuh prayers. Saw Juju's missed calls and text message. Said that we'll do lunch after his classes end. But we went to K11 again to get my stuff and I spent the last half an hour unpacking. Catched up for a bit too, and will have more time to do more of the catching up. At least now the room feels a bit homey.

Now to settle this unease caused by the good-intentioned roommate...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ruined First Impression


the rain exacerbates my fears and sorrow.

First day back and already mayhem ensues - I got room G32-204B, so then I went to the office first thing.

Cardinal rule: don't imagine what will happen; it won't happen.

I imagined just me, coming in to report myself into KRP (my new college). WHOA! Many were there. Mostly Chinese and they didn't know that it's required to bring a photo themselves for the file.

I got the key and went to get in my room. Went to 204B. Okay, the key is a bit jammed. No worries, my previous room had the same problem. Turn it. Oh, it's jammy. NVM, get my jacket sleeve and TUUUURRRNNN it *tack* HOLY CRAP. The key bent and broke.

Hardening up my face for certain punishment and endless humiliation, I went to the office again.

"Yes, I went to the right room." "Yes, it WAS G32-204 BEE"

"Okay, you, wait for me at your room, we'll try to get it out of the keyhole."

*waiting* here they are.

After tries and tries of keyhole-freeing, the news finally broke to me: I WAS IN THE WRONG BLOCK. I didn't know that the adjoined blocks are different blocks. Turns out I was in G31. SHITTTTTT

When we went over to the correct room, the door keys didn't match either. So he said they'll come and take away the existing knob and replace it with another, so the keys are fine.

So then he didn't give me serious flak or beatings, or flaying... Just a reminder saying that I should wait in the room and come over to get the keys from the office a bit later. Thank God.

I guess asking for a single room availability is out of the question now...

Went to get breakfast, instead. Did a bit of shopping and then I head to the office. No keys yet; I had to wait for the workers to change the doorknob. So off I go. They came. Fixed it. Got the keys. Get keytags tomorrow. Roommate's fine. Just a bit too NICE. Pious guy. Feel kinda scared.

The whole thing makes me feel scared. The scary cherry on the scary cake? The K11 storage room is not going to open until tomorrow -


This is absurd... I don't want to ruin another first impression... :(

I miss HOME. Mum, Dad, Sis, Bro... Grampa. Friends. KAMIREKA ART Creative Team.