Saturday, January 01, 2011



hopes and wishes for the new year:

- i wanna brush up on my grades; i know it hasn't been going up these two semesters, and i promise i'm gonna make it up! :)

- i wanna be more active in my creative pursuits, not denying myself of right, ability and chance of being creative. be it designing, photography or writing, i'm gonna be more involved, maybe even getting a paying gig... ;)

- being a better designer-cum-creative director of Kamireka Art :D i hope we will be more successful next year!

- matters of the heart will be put in the back burner for a while. though it was short, the most recent relationship was a lovely experience with an aftertaste MOST bitter.

- be more active in connecting with my friends from all walks of life, with "Bros Before Hos" as my motto.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

my day in great detail

i wake up to search for my glasses which always manage to be under the bed or somewhere under my pillow. went to take a shower. the water was just warm, i don't know why it can't get hotter (we have a water heater unit) and i took 2 pumps of shampoo to remove the olive oil from my hair. without rinsing it off, i went to get Safi facewash onto my face. then i get my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. after brushing i rinsed everything off. then i put another dose of shampoo, and put shower creme on my body. rinsed everything off and dried myself.

went to the mirror and applied everything in the usual order: face moisturizer, deodorant spray, and hair cream. then rummaged through my closet for an outfit. i'm going for monochromatic. i settled on a collared tee of my brother's and my cropped pants (self-inflicted). but i changed the collared tee coz it doesn't go with the youthfulness of the cropped pants. i changed into my Kamireka Fab Tee instead. packed the laptop into its bag and packed my man-bag with the essentials and i headed downstairs.

a skipped breakfast but i had some Intra Juice and pilfered some Soybean Drink from the box. then mum passed me an apple left over from the kenduri last night. i got ready at around 9 but we didn't leave until 11 because everyone was watching 3 Idiots on Astro. then we headed for Nek Aji's house. before that, dad sent me to town. i had to jump out from the car in the middle of a traffic jam to go meet my friends. we were gonna go out. everyone were to meet at Jungle Park for lunch. i saw Norlyn and i greeted hr. she was waiting for RC. She extended the invite to Norlyn, i did too but i couldn't reach her. turns out she was using her new number. okay, nevertheless, we headed upstairs into JP to have lunch. Ejat and Michelle were already at the table.

had some conversation. Ejat said that we have to go to the Post Office to post the finished Kamireka Thug Life shoes. then RC arrived and we all had lunch. i had Kuetiau Goreng Seafood Belacan and Nes Nai Peng. RC had Mee Basah and Milo Ais. Norlyn had NG Pattaya and warm water. Mich had Mee Basah with Lemon Teh Peng. Ejat had Nasi + Sweet n Sour Fish with Lemon Teh Peng. we ate and chatted. had fun, asking each other what happened in their lives now, et cetera. after lunch we sat down to let the food digest and then we made a move to the PO. but first, we went to CIMB to create a joint account for Kamireka. me and Michelle's. and then the card was given to Ejat to hold. now we headed to the PO.

we walked through Milimewa, cut through the Park of Lies (Taman Bohong, but that's another story) and went through the PO's back into the PO itself. chatted and laughed on the way. thankfully it wasn't THAT hot in the journey. reached the PO to know that the Poslaju system is down. Damn you. but then we remembered there were several courier services on the opposite side of the road and off we went. settled the postage then and there.

now we wanted to head back to Milimewa. to get aircon and just hanging out. but on the way we stopped at a shoe store for RC to look at shoes. her wedges were damaged. she bought one and we continued the brief trip into Milimewa. went in and browsed through shoes at Aden's old workplace (another shoe store) and then we stashed our stuff at the stuff-storage before heading into Milimewa. went upstairs to a section with no one first, to have a short photoshoot and have crazy fun. discussed about Pads and Tamp *wink2* and then headed downstairs to look at clothes. had fun too, aand kinda got a bit rowdy before we went out. i bought new socks, the calves-less ones. 

winding down, went to deli delight to have tea. ABCs for everyone except Ejat who had Milo Tum Ice Blended and Mich who had Lemon Teh Peng. and then we wanted to head to Kaka but Ejat and Mich had to leave. so i went with them since i was heading to Fajar too. reched Fajar, went to multibake. had two muffins. Mich had cheesecake, and Ejat had Tiramisu. Ejat's mum came, and me and Mich head home. walked together. i reached Nek Aji's and said goodbye to Mich. another meeting was planned for Kamireka members only, but we haven't decided on the date yet. reached home, rested a bit.

Arin arrived and he brought the laptop with him so i went online, since we were only making a move after Isyak. he went to Fajar twice, once to get pisang goreng, and then to buy snacks aka Keropok. Hahaha... we settled tea time (for me, the second time) After Isyak prayers, we headed home. Arin drived.

had dinner of Fish and Ginger, a piece of fried Kerapu, and some greens. then they watched the footie match while i did the dishes. finished them and headed upstairs. heard cheers. watched HIMYM and Ugly Betty with sister before they said Nek Aji's going home. me and sis tagged along, Arin drived. sent Nek Aji home and went hunting for topup. RM5 for my Celcom. can't find Hotlink. then went around town, went looking for "night butterfly" spots, and sneaked a peek at the squatters area beside Bandar Wilayah. went to Frog Park to try catching some people trying to hookup (didn't find any). then went into housing areas to just drive around. got chased by stray dogs. went back twice just to tease the dogs. HAHAHAHA...

went back, took a shower, resumed Betty-watching, and listened to music on my phone until i fell asleep...    

where i live

where do i live? Taman Aman 1, a quaint little suburban housing area far from the hustle and bustle of the big city (as if LD is a big city. hahaha) it's like it is at the edge of Lahad Datu... situated on Jalan Silam. My house is a type D terrace, facing a football field. we have a stout coconut tree growing (or it has stopped growing) in the front yard. here it is :D

i love my home :)

p/s: damn you slow connection for making me lag behind in my 30-day blog challenge!