Saturday, April 24, 2010

Survey Camp Diary 23rd April 2010

..:: D A Y F I V E ::..

- last day of ground survey: finishing up tacheometry
- covered the four points between walkway by pusat latihan utm and in front of kolej 16
- includes the valley with stream and drain behind pusat latihan
- went down into the valley to take points - expecting a beautiful contoured rendition of the area in AutoCAD later =)
- Pudin did most of the reading; i did some but was deemed "too slow" so i got off the job and back to holding the reflecting prism. fine by me. i know where my strengths are.
- hoped to finish by friday prayers, but didn't make it...went to prayers, had lunch, had forty winks and returned to site, only to find that the points have been covered by the rest of the team. thanks guys and gals!
- to William: get well soon =)
- night: meeting as usual. discussed. got ignored like an insignificant little toddler wanting to show his drawing to his busy parents. fumed and left early. don't need to waste time in the lab anyway. better get back to my room and have my late dinner. at least i'm satisfied.
- had dinner/breakfast. saturday bears nothing except o finish up report and keying-in data, whose program i don't have. gotta get from Pudin.
- some people didn't write their diaries from the beginning, so they decided to refer to mine. then make a lot of noise about it, saying things such as "aiya, english so advanced!"and "so many things ah?"... if you make so much noise, why not you write it on your own?
- kiss my bloated a$$.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Survey Camp Diary: Nutshell Edition

..:: DAY THREE ::..

- levelling
- did everything we needed to do
- repeated the first part of determining the misclose and first point's height three times - unintentionally blew up at some people. SORRY FRIENDS...
- resumed levelling of our areas - around pusat latihan utm and the area in front of kolej 17
- we left out one crucial point - thankfully it was near the end so no biggie - repeated the area, did some more calculations and ended up with very minimal misclose.
- had lunch at the wakaf: nasi ayam. rehydration is essential, so i had plain water. no sugars - im getting plumper.
- just as we finished up (along with the minor correction), rain poured.
- took the rain's coolness to rest. resumed survey camp agenda with nightly meetings with the prof. fitted the traverse area on AutoCAD with minimal misfittings. just that our area didn't quite cover everything, but shall be covered in tachy session.
- nasi ayam penyet CP, went back, had dinner+breakfast, sleep.

..:: DAY FOUR ::..

- tacheometry
- started off in the parking lot of pusat latihan utm
- MANY points in parking lot alone. LOL
- worked into the late morning - finished digesting last night's ayam penyet, hence feeling hungry. LOL
- walked and ran around more to justify the massive load of food i ingested from monday
- moved up to 2nd and third point - had lunch. nasi ayam again.
- the raybans made an impression on my face - a shades-shaped pale patch. LOL
- resumed tachy after lunch of nasi ayam. took points on the slope heading down to the oxidation tanks. scary - bushes, cut-down secondary jungle
- managed to finish up the station's point before downpour. stuck in pusat latihan until 5pm
- went back on motorbike with Pudin - it's been so long since i've rode a bike, let alone riding in the rain. had fun, although i'm feeling the warmth of a potential fever and the hot+dry eyes
- nightly meetings with the prof - learned how to use the CDS2 software to input data from traverse. can be exported to AutoCAD
- feeling awe-inspired and very proud to have William as our group leader - efficient (although sometimes relentless), quick-footed, skillful, and surprisingly, has sense of humor
- bracing myself for a groggy friday - start off at 0730hrs


I've offered my help.

I've tried talking to you people.

I've tried to get SOMETHING from you people.

But did you people react? Did you people listen? NO!

If I ever hear SHIT about me not doing my job, WATCH OUT.

I'm trying my best to work. To do my best. Being HATED by someone significant on the first day is bad enough.

I don't need fucking SLANDER to hit me NOW.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tuesday 20th april 2010

..:: D A Y T W O ::..

phew! we did traversing in five and a half hours, a feat for us SGGs! under the guidance (albeit a bit annoying) tutelage of fellow coursemate william, we managed to do it. yay! got tanned in the process - okay okay, not a tan. more like a burn. hahaha~

illustration purposes only :P

we started off at 7.30am - and with a non-malay as our leader, the timing was obviously NON-MALAYSIAN. 7.30am is what he said, 7.30am is when we go. we went, set up stuff, and did what we needed to do. thanks to muscle memory, i still knew how to set up those equipments - albeit a bit slower due to rustiness. but that doesn't mean that some people could treat me as if i know set up time is significantly less than yours, and you are the one showing yours truly the ropes? it was a nasty slap to the face (again) but then i let it go - not worth the fight. after all, we all come to learn.

the skills of my fellow group members warranted an early finish - we finished up at 1pm. william said that we will have the afternoon off (thanks william!) and will work on the paperwork afterwards. i volunteered to do the report because well, i have a way with words (^.^) but we'll have a full day tomorrow, so i'll need to get well-read on traversing, and get plenty of rest!

had double ayam masak merah, stewed cabbage and kangkung with rice for lunch - i was feeling ravenous!! but what i did in the morning and after lunch justified them. don't hate me ;P

since i don't know when i will have the time to settle this, i decided to get my stuff into the dorm storage today. went to get the tags (rm10 for three, dear kolej 11 readers) and went up four storeys for three times to get all stuff in. i wish i had big strong guys to help me damn exhausted! the rest of the stuff i still need for survey camp and won't make it until the storage deadline, so some of them will be put with a dear friend of mine to store...

nazmi's little (BIG) helper ;)

gotta get some rest this afternoon - need to read up on traversing and the calculation methods. ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

my whispers to Him

dear Lord...

may i have a second chance?


Nudgme. mcm mana kuwus. aku nak cuba.

Jaga makan + exercise. No secrets.

Ask me anything

What was the worst movie you've ever seen?

I forgot.

Ask me anything

Where'd you find out about

My friend's Twitter posts and Facebook status

Ask me anything

What 3 things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years?

- white bread
- dry cell batteries
- polystyrene containers

Ask me anything


..:: D A Y O N E ::..

wow. first day of survey camp. shitty in class, but the outdoor stuff was fun.

it has been soooo long since we've done any ground surveying - the last session was in our second semester. then it was a series of debilitating lab work.

the class started off kinda badly - they said there was gonna be a bus to go to the faculty, but there wasn't - just the usual bus route. so there i was waiting with faizah, and then followed by mei yee and szue yann. went to the lab. got briefed about the camp by the big teddy mr imzan. followed by assoc prof mohd nor said.

i was caught facebooking by the big teddy. my coursemate azizol (thanks for the heads-up) warned me, but alas, the phone was in my bag...after assoc prof mohd nor's briefing, i was promptly and humiliatingly reprimanded in class. i thought it would be an anonymous thing, but no. i was reprimanded there and then. what a terrible slap to the face. what i did do (focusing and making notes) was overlooked. instead, my tiny slip was highlighted and put into the spotlight. but i gave up fighting - it's really my fault. there's no use fighting the hand that feeds you, especially if it's a big fat hairy hand.

afternoon - got the stuff. just like the old days where we'd get our equipments; filling in forms, inspecting the equipments, just plain having responsible fun. those things really are older than us. it would be so nice if they can speak - we can hear about their adventures and the process of where they went and what they've done. the feel of the leather itself exuded an air of ancient demeanor.

after zohor, we proceeded to the site. dividing the site has already been carried out, but setting up common points was a pain. we can't even clearly divide the area - the layer of area and the layer of boundary on the site map was separated, so we had some difficulty identifying areas.

tomorrow starts another looong day - i hope everything goes nice and smooth. amin~

p/s: no energy to spruce up this entry - need that beauty sleep more, especially since i lost last night's sleep... (-_-)zZz
It's back.


eyes wide open.

tossing and turning.

imagination running rampant.

unstoppable train of thought.

..:: I N S O M N I A ::..

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, I hope having this blog and can make my blog, Facebook and Twitter more useful and click on the link, fellow friends! :D


During rehab, I suddenly remembered the camera(s) my family had from back when the digital camera and camera phone weren't invented yet. I hope they're still at home - they'd be GOOD for shooting before I own a DSLR. =)

Baby I'm Back!!!

I'm back, beloved followers and friends... ;)

Back from where? From REHAB, that's where. Seriously. It was rehab - my friend's good with those motivational stuff, and when I poured my problems out to him, he said "you're coming with me this weekend whether you like it or not - even if it means me dragging you to it." And so I went.

Rehab was his house - it was a surprise, actually. never knew he lives in a mansion. LOL, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it's a big house. And the people living in there is his beautiful younger sister and sporty younger brother, plus him. For the first night, we met up at his office (the journey was a nightmare; dumb taxi drivers, pouring rain, wet slippers, et cetera) and we proceeded to Pelangi. Had dinner at his uncle's pub - the food was ordered in. His uncle's pub reminds me SO much of Cheers - the atmosphere, the people, the dimly-lit surroundings...OMG, I'm already feeling that the healing has begun. I loved that show when it was shown on Star World, so it brought back memories of home, which is therapeutic.

where everybody knows your name... =)

Afterwards, we headed home. It was already VERY late. So we just sneaked in (climbed up the gate, even) and went in. Showered, and slept. The next day, woke up around noon. Actually we're already up around ten, but tossing, turning and rolling on the comforter extended our get-up time to noon. LOL. He said that he'd make lamb curry and brownies. Both fares were


serving suggestion - no nuts in ours =)

serving suggestion - no rice with mine =)

And Saturday went by with me surrounded by family, a cozy home, and basically being carefree. Oh, and had more brownies.

Sunday morning - actually afternoon. Woke up late. Hehehe...had lunch. And brownies. Helped him with the curtains. Packed. Had more brownies. Went to town. Sent the rest of the brownies to his friend in CS. Headed home. Now typing this blog entry. The trip was therapeutic in subtle ways. I'm not fully healed, but I'm recovering. The world still is nasty, people are hardly nice anymore, but I need to cope with it.

Survey Camp tomorrow - have to make up at 6. The rough schedule is on my coursemate's Facebook wall. I hope I don't get people that I don't click with as group members. I hope it goes well. Smooth. Not nasty. Not fucked up. Not like Bak Kut Teh. I don't wanna fall into relapse again.

as it says on the arm...

I don't wanna be afflicted again...