Saturday, November 14, 2009


One week has gone. Part of me wants to leave, but another part fears of doing so. Dear lord, help me through these uncertain times...

Rainy Day...

It's raining...I'm Wifi-ing with mum,dad,and Arin.He's goin to Karate class later.I'm trying out this mobile blogging thing.

Happy Birthday Wawak! :D


12th November 09 - Wawak Nery had her belated birthday party. She decided to celebrate it with her family, so she came on the 11th to set up the party, along with us.

It wasn't technically a party, just a small get-together with her nearest and dearest. But as with Cocos traditions, "nearest and dearest" and a "small get-together" does not translate into a boring silent dinner. We are only 14 people, but we can sound like 40. Hehehe~

So the dinner started at around 6.30pm...Nek Aji wasn't here coz he went to Sandakan to see off a relative who will be performing the Haji and will be flying this Saturday. Before the dinner, we had a little fun taking pics, and doing the final preparations. It felt like traditional breaking the last fast before Raya (which I do every year, insyaAllah), with the family gathering around the living room. So we started off the dinner with a prayer, and then Wawak proceeded to blow out the candle on her cake. We all ate the spread; I kept my gluttony in check, reminding me to eat slow and steady, and graze, not devour. It worked. I ate comparatively little, but felt full. Whenever a pang strikes, I remind to ask myself whether it's a hunger pang or just thirsty. I drank water, anyway.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Took this pic while waiting for my dad to buy spirits for his fishing trip. Although not the cleanest,looking towards Lahad Datu's horizon always brings a sense of peace to my mind...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Oh gosh...I've convinced myself that the roll around my belly is extra skin left from my weight loss, but day by day, it is becoming what I fear it to be...the fat is back. But now I have no access to the free world to run as I please, so it's workout and Yoga for me - I figured if I am going to gain weight, it better be lean muscle, NOT fat.

By utilizing what I've learnt at PLKN and also from workouts in Men's Health, I'm already on my way to better health - strenuous PLKN-style exercises and workouts with no equipment - the quintessential way of workouts on a budget :D

Rediscovering Yoga was very, very nice: just the very act of taking out my trusy (albeit dusty) yoga mat was a ritual of peace and a sign that I'll be leaving the real world to enter Shang Ri-La. I'm limbering up...feeling calm and collected...going into my own world. Granted I was not as limber as I was before (I left Yoga for University life - Uni is not as open-minded as it states it is - such BS), but it's okay. Baby steps, Nazmi... :) Plus it's gonna do wonders for my running coz I have tight calves...I need to stretch my fascia...Hu3 I don't care what they say about Yoga. They haven't done it before so they have NO FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE whatsoever. I have been doing yoga since form three, and no BS from the Govt is gonna hold me back. So shut up and deal with your monkey attitudes in the Parliament Hall, and PLEASE, discuss more important subjects that actually will bring improvement and harmony to Malaysia. Being 1Malaysia doesn't mean we are single-minded. Oh, amateurs pay attention: Yoga does not mean just sitting cross-legged and putting on a finger gesture. Show me that BS and you'll know which finger gesture I give you. :P

Oh, and the workouts will not work if I don't watch what I the vegetarian diet is also re-lived. Maybe consuming meat was the cause of my skin problems, because while I was surfing through old photos of me during my weight loss days (which I practised vegetarianism) I noticed that my skin condition was better. Thus, I shall re-live vegetarianism and see if it'd improve my skin's conditions~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pesawat - Mirage

Cahaya terang menembusi
Bagai sebuah kisah misteri
Kau mungkin..asing
Kau mungkin..pernah ku kenal sebelum ini

Resah gelisah dibuatnya
Bagai sebuah cereka cinta
Kelam..Jiwaku..semakin kacau

Siang malam termimpi mimpi
Pagi petang tercari cari
Tiap saat…ternanti nanti
Kau masih…tiada disisi

Adakah ini satu mimpi
Terasa bagai sebuah ilusi
Mainan..jiwaku yang semakin kacau

Siang malam termimpi mimpi
Pagi petang tercari cari
Tiap saat…ternanti nanti
Kau masih…tiada disisi

Kelam..jiwaku semakin kacau

Miss You

I've already forgiven you. Actually, it was not even your fault. It was mine. I was caught in the heat of the moment. I can't sleep last night thinking of you...

- I miss the goofy way you nod.
- I miss hugging you.
- I miss your canine-ey smile.
- I miss your laugh.
- I miss staying up all night watching movies with you.
- I miss cuddling up with you.
- I miss having YOU.

I'm rambling. I know.


I'm finally home...TV, Hometown and more importantly, FAMILY and FRIENDS. Okay, the friends haven't came back yet, they have just started their exams. I'm wondering if we were the earliest faculty to finish exams. Hu3~

Tthe TV remote is in my hands good to have a grip on reality now. By reality I'm referring to MTV and Channel [V]! New vids, new songs...I'm also catching up on vids of not-so-new songs. Like Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA...I'm so jealous of her toned thighs!!!! OMG, That gives me another motivation to workout during this holidays...

I don't know when I'm gonna post this blog, so I'll date it with the 2nd day of my arrival back here: 9th November 09. Will miss Uni, but only a little bit: there's only so much to miss about a uni with dismal WIFI coverage, but I'll certainly miss the evening runs and of course the fresh, young, energetic, fertile, and virile youth of UTM...He3~

I'm home...but my friends aren't. So it's kinda boring. Hahaha~ Friends, I wish you all the best in your exams, and please come back ASAP okay~~~~~