Saturday, October 03, 2009

Program Raya 09

There I was, sitting by myself gorging on Jell-O, Satay and Yellow Watermelon. Eating alone. when I try to move towards them, they move to another table. "Nazmi, Nazmi, take our picture!" "Nazmi, this is my camera, snap us!" Any offers of having ME in your pix? Any thoughts of ME as a FRIEND? Well, surely you know who you are. Get my Evil Eye and that's YOU.

Anyway the program was a blast (at least for me). Had fun snapping pics of the events: traditional games in the morning was my highlight. Using the DSLR is superb! Love these pix. THEN at might a bit of drab: gave the camera to other guys but with seriously dismal results. Shakes and wobbles even more than a fat guy does (no offense ;P) It also gave me a chance to bond a bit with my friends, and form new bonds in the process ;)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Hurrrmmmm...waiting for my friend to finish surfing the Net. Not that i dont want to, but there IS a limit, you know. Hu3~ the mosquitoes here are friend even brought socks to protect himself. I myself is pretty unscathed; have always been this way. Dont know why. Hu3...

Well yesterday (1st Oct) went by pretty usually...came back from outside early in the morning coz i crashed in a friend's place...schlepped around with the Crimson Brain aka my Laptop, then remembered abt the Sociology test. Scanned through the notes and let fate be...hu3

Then went to class a tad early. Sweated like a pig!!!! The weather was so damn humid and clammy. It wasnt even that hot; just clammy. Try sweating while sitting in a closed box. THAT'S how it felt. Class at 11am, but spent majority of it going online. Hu3 ended at 12+. Had lunch. Sat around, went to Socio class. Sat about listening to lecture, then went back...

Played a round of Starcraft, warmed up, did pushups and resistance band training a bit, then went for evening run. Not a 'beautiful' day; not much to see...;P Ran twice around the lake at KRP coz i skipped one warmup run; walked/ran back hastily as the sky threatened to rain. Rested, ate a muffin and the choc bar i bought, then had my shower. Got J to go have dinner; I had Ais Jagung and he had Air Longan. Then went online until the wee hours...Until now, actually. :P

Well well...Look Who's Blogging.

Hi...three weeks ago one of my friends asked me if i blog. i said i did keep one, but because I don't get to go online often, I loathe to keep it. Thus ends the short life span of my former blog (frankly, i dont even remember the name of the blog). But now, since i have less physical outlet to release my thoughts, why not let it out through blogging. ;)

Now im back, hotter than ever, ready to dish out stories from my life...what the silent eye sees, it will tell...