Tuesday, September 14, 2010

rantings while awaiting departure from home to being tourists 14th sept 2010

finally i have time (and consciousness) to type an entry...

(recovering memory...)

went to midvalley megamall yesterday - but not before going to aunt jasmine's office first to settle some matters. then it's off to the mall. i miss the place - the people, the sights, the sounds... but mostly chinese, so not much to see there (hehehe.) malays arrived in that place only around 3-4pm...

not much to shoot. but something awesome happened. just as we walked out of the timberland shop, a LOUD thud was heard; tuns out a middle eastern couple's son ran straight towards a glass panel of the timberland store, possibly thinking tht it was an entrance. i'd LOVE to laugh, but i was in stoic mode (alias model mode). and begged the other family members to walk away... no need to watch. i know i won't like to be watched when that happens. the child bawld for a while, but then we saw the same family walking around the mall again an again so i guess everything's okay.

searched around for a glass chopping board - not for heavy duty work, of course. just for fruits. aunt jasmine says that it was bountiful when she wasn't looking for it some time ago; but when the time comes for her to look for it and want it, it is nowhere to be found. that is the way things ar with any other things or events...

as for me, i am ridden by guilt. i have promised you twice to chat or at least see you online, but to no avail - either i was too sleepy that i fell asleep in my towel (like last night) or the line just wasn't cooperating (damn you, ISP)... i am deeply sorry...

- no wonder my boadband line gets eaten up THIS fast despite being only the 14th of september (BARELY halfway throught the month) - two persons were using my broadband to play facebook games... pay for it!!!
- i miss you so badly... :(
- i wanna go places... specifically, i wanna go places I WANT TO GO... huhuhuhu...
- we need to broadcast the new clauses in ethics of personal space and body language. when earphones are up, it means LEAVE ME ALONE. and people have this ANNOYING habit of talking to me when my earphones are in my ears. then i have to take them off and listen to them rant. that's fine. i leave the earphones off for a bit, lest they have more to say. nothing? okay, putting them back on... the annoying part: only effing THEN they have something to say. when we tell them off, they get touchy. bullshit!!! i'm the one who should be ticked off, not effin' you! get outta my face!      

(recovering poise and calmness)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

raya day 2

- walked around KLPac yesterday - im awed by the architecture, the vista. but the exhibition that was up there ("let there be light" was the title i guess) was kinda disappointing. it was surprisingly mediocre. it pretty much sums up my future expectations of the place. up till our departure from that place, i keep imagining my disappointments if i were to sit through one of those plays/ theaters - what if it was not as good, not as revered as i have imagined it to be???

- went to One Utama afterwards. kinda nice, because i was expecting to roam in malls instead of going off to places of interests (AKA tourist traps). but i did not succeed in finding what i want (a proper mouse and headphones). maybe another time. had sushi at sushi Q. nice treat, nice food, hectic staff. i feel pressured just standing there choosing what i'd like to eat. LOL.

- night: ate at Ampang Lookout Point. saw people shisha-ing. HELL JEALOUS!!!!!! i miss shisha-ing... we went by a guy who was enjoying his shisha and i practically breathed in harder to extract whatever remnants of smoke there is around him. LMAO!!

- this one surprised me: why did i fell asleep as SOON as i stepped into the car? is it because benjamin (my cousin) wasn't around? is it because i was tired of walking around? i don't remember being that tired. i'm young and enthusiastic today. i have just hit 21, not 51!!! whatever happened??

- i was feeling kinda guilty for not texting you... me being around family and all... and not being able to  finish off our conversations with those magic words... and kinda leaving you off bored or something... yet you're still here, being ever so chirpy, ever so positive, more so than me, i might add... i wonder what i've done to deserve someone like you. i am grateful to have you, dear... i love you... :*

footnote: I MISS HUGGING DOMO-KUN!!!!!!!