Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Warm Evening




Spatial Statistics

translates to: *&(*#&($^(%

translates to: ^!%&%@#@

Oh man. I'm in deep shit.

"Shitty" doesn't even begin to describe my situation AND my exam paper just now. We sat for Spatial Statistics just now, and honestly, I know nothing. I just did the Parts A and B accordingly, and the Part C was great paper for calculations and works. Empty. That's what it is. Wuuwuuwuu~

Then near the end, a glimmer of hope surfaces: I went through the Statistics booklet and there was a part on Formulae. I went through and found an equation for Regression. "What the heck", I thought. I wrote it into the question that demanded the equation. Right or not, it's worth a shot; better than nothing, right?

Database System is up next. I need to focus. I can't forgive myself if I flunk this subject. It's practically in my hands.

O Almighty Allah, grant me the focus, strength and diligence to study Database System. Amin~

My Favorite Snack

♥♥♥ Nips Merah Nips Purple ♥♥♥


Chocolate, Raisin and Protein (^.^)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Just came in from retrieving my sunbathing laundry. LOL...

wish we had clotheslines like these ;)

It's raining in the evenings. It's been quite some time since I've put out my clothes out in the sun to dry. It's because:

- There was a case involving people sabotaging my laundry; re-wetted it (maybe the retards thought that my clothes were contact lenses that need re-wetting) or put nasty stuff on it.
- It's always full; the lines are so little there's even a bamboo pole for extra hanging space. Even that's not enough. Some guys are just too lazy to get their dry laundry off the clotheslines.
- I'm content with the indoors-drying thing: what's the difference with hanging my clothes outside? It's still in the shade. Besides, I bet my windows receive more sunlight than the clotheslines do.

Wish I could do this. As a guy, of course =)

I'm grateful that it is raining; other lands can only pray and hope for rainfall like ours. But I miss those sunny windy afternoons of old; yesterday's late morning sunshine and breeze was so soothing...I was on the bus and we were going through the tree-lined road of KTHO houses...and the breeze was blowing ever-so-softly. Wonderful. The Almighty's grace and power...

Sure...I may be going crazy from not being able to go for my daily run...but I'm coping. I'm settling with the occasional night runs...and daily workouts in my room. Those workouts may be fine, but I'm getting a bit bulky...Don't wanna be bulky..wuuwuuwuu~

Monday, April 12, 2010



It's been a while since I've woke up sweating.

I've always had this mojo where I'd wake up 5 minutes earlier than my alarm time, or I wakeup fresh and energetic at a set itme sans alarm.

But no more.

It's either I have too much sleep (waking up at 12-1pm) or I don't get any sleep at all (having a full day's class and a full night of activities).

Now I intend to sleep normally, but I can't.

The alarm is set to 7.30am. And I prayed so hard that my accurate waking-up mojo would come back; that I'd wake up AT LEAST a bit before the alarm does.

But now I am awaken from my precious slumber. Not five minutes, not ten, but ONE hour before it.

All because of the roommate's STUPID alarm clock!!! It's going off every ten minute, and is kept BESIDE HIS EARS! But I'M the EFFIN' ONE WHO IS AWAKEN BY IT!!!


Now I'm wide awake, overworked, underslept and ULTRA-FUMED.

Should I let him oversleep, or should I awaken him from his slumber?

With a series of quick slaps, or one BIG FAT PUNCH to the face??

dush dush

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday 11th april 2010

sunday. woke up at ten am. feeling unwell. had brunch. feel like expelling the brunch back into the packaging. dan gianni invited me to have lunch. went to secret recipe to meet up with him. chatted and chatted and chatted about lotsa stuff - tonnes to catch up. i had a chocolate indulgence cake...stress buster, chocolate is. and so is chatting with a practical doppleganger of yours. a taller one, mind you~

chocolate is a good stress-buster! ;P

after that we took the bus down to the city. had enough of jusco taman u. wahahahaha...went to watch a movie. mbo is sooo slow - we were expecting to watch date night and/or it's complicated - something more wholesome than what is shown at mbo. date night was a blast! the jokes made me laugh in ways i have never did - it's been a while since i've laughed that hard. but i'm sure steve and tina's jokes are not on the same league as most malaysian's so i don't expect everyone to get it (on the other hand, toilet and sex jokes are universal) coincidentally, we got B1 and B2 as our seat numbers. we were almost identically dressed today. LOL...but anyway, its a great movie. and so is dan gianni. thanks a bunch to him!

4.5/5!! tina fey is H-O-T!!