Thursday, January 20, 2011


luncheon with socialite BFF Juju on Friday.

a digital camera.

maybe a new phone too. nothing extravagant, just a simple one to execute the usual texting and calling...


i guess i have everything down pat. only the camera is a top priority at the moment.

insyaAllah :D


had cracked lips and a rough patch on my chin.

assessed my diet and activities... and the conclusion was crystal clear.

i was exercising more these days, but i wasn't well-fed enough to repair...

plus, i was having more coffee. coffee reduces absorption of B vitamins which are essential for skin health. plus, it is diuretic.

well i need to eat better since i'm not gonna skimp on caffeine... hehehehe ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i said i'd swear off love this year.

but i am in a dilemma. i actually have feelings for someone, M.

M is someone i recently got to know. a nice person, chatty, easygoing, cool.

and being sporty, M is physically hot too.

from what i feel and what i logically think, things all point to attraction, but i don't know if it's mutual...

we have quite a lot in common... but i don't want to parrot M so i kept it to myself, occasionally nodding in agreement.

M talks about lots of stuff with me for such a short period in the first encounter, even personal ones too.

but so far i have been receiving vague responses. unreplied texts. M is cool so i guess M doesn't reciprocate it directly.

i fear i might be playing a one-man show here... so i played it down.

or should i be more forward and proactive?

i keep thinking about M. i can't stop thinking of M.

M is sweet. cool. beautiful. i feel like i am out of M's league. M is just too... PERFECT.


Monday, January 17, 2011

it's been a while


got to hangout with my besties! shisha, sampoerna and eye-washing! :P

a conflict with someone significant. thanks to my friend who told me about the backstabbing! :D

i have moved on 100%!! being single is SO liberating - being flirty with people... being flirted on by people, it's been so long since i've used these chuck bass peepers!! hehehehe

classes are so packed! assignments come in by the buckets!! haha fighting Nazmi!

am eating less due to the lack of transport and friends to have dinner with :D slim down time!

i love me! single is SO LIBERATING!! no more assholes to take care of, no more other people's emotions to be caring of.
- Bros Before Hos is the cardinal rule! :D