Friday, July 23, 2010

..:: TGIF ::..

It's FRIDAY!!!

Class started at 8am - the load of getting up in the frigid wee hours is lessened by the fact that I have no 10am class - the lecturer's not available!! Today Mama Sha (what the girls call our competent lecturer) re-taught the System Development Life Cycle. Seems like we have only an inkling of what it truly is. I guess I'm more enlightened now, but I would go online to check things out to add more. Besides, I wasn't in the first lecture, so I've missed three crucial subtopics :)

Got myself a new toy too... Not the kiddie kind, mind you... but big boys' toys... :)

I have been pining for an external hard drive for two semesters now. It's good to have extra storage, because who knows what student life might throw at us: assignments, specialized programs that eat up space like Snorlax eats up everything, bootleg movies and of course, NEW SONGS!! And then I read a fellow friend's Facebook status about how happy she was about something, and I asked her about it. Turns out that there's a PC and Mobile Fair at DSI. My prayers have been answered! Granted it wasn't as grand as the one in Persada Johor on the 9th through 11th July, but it had what the students needed (and occasionally) wanted.

So... after going around the hall FOUR times (I think) just to ponder about whether to buy the 500GB or the 1 Terabyte version, I finally settled on the latter - it was RM295, compared to RM480 if I had chosen to buy the former twice.

my precious Buffalo 1Tb HDD

After going to the mini-PC fair, I went back, quickly changed into a more non UTM-conspicuous outfit and went out with Dyana and Sher for lunch and window shopping, It was good, since I wanted to survey for a printer too. So off we went to Jusco Bukit Indah. Had lunch, and walked in the place to burn off the lunch calories (and work on a nice butt :D) There is a tech store there that sells printer, just RM199 for a Canon Pixma 3in1 variant (the one that I'm looking for) but I've decided to look around first. But then we went over to Tesco (me hoping that the ALLEGED lower price claim to be true) to get some stuff for Dyana and Sher's friend's birthday party tomorrow. The printer in Tesco is WAY pricier... So much for the lower-price claim. If anybody has any recommendations for cheap 3in1 printers, please tell me... Thank you!

There was also a Camera booth at the PC Fair... Tried VERY VERY hard not to look at it... Outrageously lower price for the camera that I wanted... But alas, fate is cruel to me on this chapter in my life... "Look but don't touch/own" has never before afflicted this much pain on me... :'(

I didn't get my printer (yet), but I did get a new roommate... Here he is!

That's the roommate...the plant :P

Notice the air freshener by the plant? I was sceptical about it's efficiency, but when I put it on and left the room to go answer the call of nature, I came back to an OVERWHELMING scent!! Little thing, big aroma :D

Now that I get to empty out my laptop, I could get it formatted into a Windows 7 OS. Trying to look for a decent place to get it formatted - I DON'T WANT to have a pirated copy of the OS in my laptop... I won't want to be pestered by a constant reminder that my OS is not genuine...

Nisa is off to KL. Syaz is off to Pulau Perhentian. Juju is, as always, at home. So its just me and Mimi left here in this learning institution. I thought I'd get by with Dyana and Sherry but they have a classmate's birthday coming up. Now what should I do this weekend... Alongside revision of the week's work, of course :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's In My Head

I was sitting through System Analysis class today. Dr Shahidah is a good educator, but when things get technical, I get bored! I noticed that whenever she mentions something emotional or HUMAN, I could regain focus and attention. When the technical stuff comes in, I get so darn bored. I guess I'm more in touch with emotions and human relations than technical mumbo jumbo. And she gave a fellow classmate a STERN warning about contacting her after hours. And she gave a general warning about a potential public humiliation ala the guy just now. As we all know, public humiliation might as well be murder for teenagers, so we'll need to step up and be good students for her.

A peculiar day of people's impression upon me today... Among the reactions:
"Nazmi, you look pale."
"Nazmi, your face seems concave... Are you okay?"
"Wah, your hair so red-ah?"
"You plumped up a bit after the holidays-ah?"

I keep blowing my nose; I feel (and possibly look) like a toddler with a runny nose. It just keeps dripping. No running today, a rest day for the legs. Today is for resistance bands and plyometrics.

The fever creeps back into me. I'm kinda afraid of it. Maybe I should get to the Health Centre to get myself checked...

..:: hurm ::..


where are you...?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21st July 2010

- Class was VERY boring - almost died in class. Lecturer is CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE, bordering on RACIST. And he likes to laugh like the doctor in The Simpsons.

- Second class was cancelled due to a big problem with the projector and/or computer. Got to go out early. Went for lunch. Satisfied tempeh cravings at Pak Ali's. Special appearances by Farah, As and Masyi (all three from Peharta)

- Basically just loitered around Jusco T.U. Thought I'd get to go farther, but a fellow friend wasn't in the mood. NVM, weekend is almost here, and Friday night's not far away :)

- Went for a jog earlier today because I don't wanna lose out to the threateningly dark sky. It drizzled a bit, but didn't move up to a full-blown downpour. Good turnout today due to people finishing their co-curricular classes.

- Went for dinner with the girls (Syaz was fasting today) at Kolej 11. Had nasi ayam penyet from a new stall. Tasted good, mildly spicy. Missed the place a lot - good food, great people, spacious quarters, toilets not afflicted by traffic jam even at rush hour...

- Listening to music from the new MP3 player - so weird as it can't play Charice's Pyramid... I'm still apprehensive and VERY careful not to get it wet... I doubt the waterproof claim... It looks and feels flimsier than the first player I had.

- Miss my ...... Huhuhuhuhuhu

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20th july 2010

rainy tuesday.

got up around 7.30am, thinking of going for a run. but this nose ran first - since LAST NIGHT. so i had no choice but to submit to this ailment and get more rest. went for brunch with juju, nisa and mimi around 9.30am.

rested, worked out in my room and took a shower. went to the bank to place deposit for my online purchase. insyaallah it will arrive this thursday/friday...

class at 2pm - great class. very stimulating. en uznir is charming. i had less doodles in my notepad - the amount of doodles are directly proportionate with class boredom.

back from jusco with juju for a coolblog (cravings) and tissue paper - i finally have a reason to buy tissue - for this water tap-like nose of mine!!! hope i DO get well soon.

thinking about the girl who smiled at me just now - it's not every day (trust me, it's rarer than a sighting of the Sumatran Rhino) that i get a sweet, sweet smile from a lady ;)

brother's down with gastric. get well soon.

aina can't get plump. hope she gets plump-er soon. if humans could weight away, i'd give some to her. haha.

Harper's Bazaar July 2010, here i come :P

Monday, July 19, 2010

19th July 2010

Monday *sigh*

Okay, I try to be positive and be nice. The world doesn't need another individual afflicted with the Monday Blues.

Still down with the cold. Runny nose makes me feel like a little boy. I think Kylie's Spinning Around fits the bill PERFECTLY.

English class. I was the only guy attending the class. Result: I was made class rep. Now have to contact the lecturer responsible for the text book for the class. Quite lovely class. Interviewed by the lecturer. I must treat all conversations as a potential interview as this is a Career Search class...

Afternoon. Didn't go to class. After getting meds, I went to lunch with the gang. Laughter's the best medicine, and being around friends makes me feel a lot better. Tried to shop for a backpack in CS, but to no avail. Jaf's going back tonight.

Night. Came back around 6.30pm. Slept in the car on the way back despite telling myself not to. And then resumed sleeping until 8+pm. Now my sleep pattern's wonky again. Run tomorrow morning, then.

Watching Kami the movie while waiting for the E-Learning page to load. SO DARN SLOW!!!!!!!! How am I supposed to be productive and working on assignments if I have to put up with this shit every night??

Mum called to ask about Raya hols - I don't feel like going home. Sulking about the incident. So hassling, plus its the fasting month. They plan on coming over instead. Why? It's not cheap to travel around these days.

*still afflicted by the **** incident - I flinch every time I see someone carrying one and get uneasy when people talk about it. A coursemate mentioned it in class just now and she went cynical and sarcastic about it. Felt like STRANGLING her there and then. Fuck.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

..:: Bleak Sunday ::..

Awakened by a nasty, scratchy throat.

Washed my face, get into running attire and my LOVELY new MP3 Player and set off running. Enjoyed the invigorating morning coolness. Sweated out the fever I had last night and this morning...

my NEW precious~

Came back, got my laundry together and washed'em. Save a few bucks and the hassle of a laundry service for this time as they weren't that soiled. Took a shower afterwards. Feeling woozy and scratchy again, so I popped two Panadols and went to sleep until 1pm.

Chatted up an old friend on FB - meeting up tonight. 6pm (perhaps a bit later) Cucur with Syaz, Nisa and Mimi.

Enjoying music from the MP3 Player - Still getting accustomed to the sheer freedom of having them on :)

*Cheryl Cole's Parachute and Ella Fitzgerald's THe Nearness of You keeps playing in my head. They remind me of YOU. And the universe seems to be giving me a pointer about getting back into the groove that is MYSELF by giving me Miley Cyrus's Can't Be Tamed. I shall ponder upon those hints of life. :)