Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Socio Exam, Cleaning Out My Closet and Klepto Bitches

I've just finished the Sociology paper today, and I got facts down pat, but when I reread the answer sheet, it looks gibberish. Plus the hall's cold, so I didn't have the best handwriting for the day. Just Redha and Tawakkal, it's done...

I had a run today, but it was boring: no crowd, and the weather's cold so I almost cramped up my left calf; it always does if I run in the cold. That's why I decline the night run they did during the fasting month. I'd die cramped up. LOL~ I jst ran K11-KTHO-KDSE-and went up through KTR back home through L50... After showering, I had nothing to do; my head's a bit saturated, so I figured I'd better clear it out. So I cleared out my locker. Threw out old stuff, rediscovered lost stuff, reminisced on some. I chanced across the Secretariat stuff I stored from last year...(cue flashback ripple LOL)


After... :D

Back in the days when I was practically an outcast, knowing nobody outside my class other than a few friends. Now I know more people through being a JKM Secretariat, and have been through some activities both as participant and organiser: joined Scrabble in English Week (finished fourth; sorry Mum!), became the Food AJK AND emcee for PROKID Lambaian U (the best Program; pleasantly deceptive kids), became photographer for both FESCO and 4R:Riang Ria Riuh Raya (got my hands on a DSLR, borrowed from Dr Sulaiman), as well as the multimedia AJK AND Mural Artist for FESCO. OH GOSH~ Not to forget being an emcee for Malam SeBlast dinner...the best uni-wide exposure, ever. Hehehe...Going through these activities was enriching - know more people, get more exposure, and get my talents out there. I really appreciate knowing all the friends that I've obtained from these activities. THANKS GUYS AND GALS~

~The collection of Activities Memorabilia~

Now I don't know what to do about my collection of Men's Health. And the other magazines. Not to mention my bags - now I know why girls are addicted to bags and shoes. LOL. I'm finding a way to auction/sell off them (maybe) to earn extra cash. But I'm saving one for my little brother...

Oh BTW, the klepto strikes back. I came back from my faculty this morning, and just as I was about to reach for my charger, I found it gone. I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD for this, so I just faced him/her to reclaim my charger. True enough, it was with him/her. It must be that he/she thought that I will not return to my room last night. If that's the case, then that would mean there were other nights when I'd not return to my room that he'd do the same thing. EFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've taken my sewing kit and my perfume, and that's fine. I've let that go. But don't you dare say that I took the perfume spray that belonged to C*T. IT'S SNUGLY SITUATED IN YOUR LOCKER. AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE AND THICK FACE TO USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT SHAME.


p/s: Taking long, luxuriant showers with delicate body scrubs won't make you magically light-skinned: You've got to talk to God (or a plastic surgeon) to turn your charcoal skin into fair ivory (like mine).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Late Night Travel

Since there was no exam today, last night I went out with a friend of mine...not really to have fun, but to catch up. Went over to his house first (he had to take his bath first - just finished work) then we went to Sg. Chat for dinner. Had Kelapa Laut with shaved ice and also Sotong Kangkung. I glanced into the kitchen and saw the cook scooping out a ladleful of Kerang Rebus. I had to resist temptation. Due to the vibrating tummy of mine, we went home afterwards to settle this toilet business~~~

Around 11.30pm we went out again. This time we went to Sentosa for the best bubur in town. I don't know why it's the best, but it tastes really...well it doesn't taste any different, neither better or worst than the standard fare; I guess it's the surrounding atmosphere and the crowd that improves its quality. Besides, the taste reminds me of home. ;) Along with the Bubur, we also ate Kerang Rebus...yummy~

After Bubur, we went round and round JB; he also brought me to Jalan Serampang, where a royal residence is situated (another one is in the Danga area) and then I was given a brief lecture on Johor...So enriching. :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Eve Run!

Monday evening run was a very colorful one; not in the light-of-different-wavelengths kind, but of human colors. there were practically every shape, size, and of course colors of people on the jog today. I had my run from K11-KTHO-KDSE-KRP and back.

There were people of all skin colors, ranging from dark skinned to olive, tawny, up to doe-brown and also pearly complexion. Today kinda reminds me off Lord of The Rings, too: the variations in body types was astounding. There were elves, humans, dwarves and of course, orcs. I don't mean orcs in a hostile sense, just that I refer to them as orcs coz they have hulking bodies. Hu3

There were big and tall people, which, previously I thought only exist in the US; they were big and hulking, reminiscent of the jocks of the American Pie franchise, as well as other US teenage flicks. Running past them, I can't help feeling a sense of security (guess it's the lack-of-older-brother syndrome that is evident in me since forever). Wish I had brothers like them. Hu3~

Then there were the elvenkind: tall and lithe. these were the true runners (I think), with long legs and lithe bodies that practically slices through the air with least resistance. Oh, and then there were the dwarves: no offense, people. I only refer them as dwarves because they have powerfully built bodies but lack the height seen in the rugby jocks. These weren't runners, but they also would benefit tremendously from the cardio massage provided by running.

The humankind on the other hand, presents a variation of the elves and dwarves (and giants). They represent the middle curve of human normality, leaning to neither extremities. Sort of everyman in all professions, they are of great numbers.

Another group also deserves a mention here: those with less-than-desirable bods. I have seen a handful of these on the run...I FEEL FOR YOU GUYS!!!! and all I will say is kudos for making the first step in improving your lives. Exercising is the best medicine for weight issues. Keep up the good work guys! :D

The weather today was also great for running: neither hot nor cold. So I was able to perform greatly without tiring myself from the heat, and also not be bothered by the clamminess of cold weather. I was conscious about my calves, though; they were sounding the alarm of potential soreness, so I was aware of it during the entire run. I guess a dose of Aspirin is in order later. Hu3~

Anyway, this is exam week. It's understandable why the running crowd increases in number: everybody is wiggin' out in their rooms, tired of numb buttocks sitting and reading all day long. Come out of your cocoons, people! :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two nights of Johor...omen of leaving UTM for good?

Left UTM on Friday crash at a friend's place. Kind of last minute, but it went on just fine. Except for the part where we had to go throught the rain (at least HE has a jacket on. Ceyt~) Anyway, after that, we arrived at his house, showered and changed and went to Bukit Indah AEON. I swear, it looks like Tebrau City. LOL~ So we went window shopping. Afterwards, its JB Bazaar. The night life here - spectacular. Stalls selling bundle and cheap clothes. Haven, practically. Bought a shirt, but didn't take a pic of it. Maybe you'll see it when you see me later. :D And there was one part of the bazaar that was uber-cool. I was so embarassed going in there coz I was soooooooooo under-dressed for the place. Everybody was so cool-looking, I felt like a dork. UBER-dork....Hu3~ Then we sat at the mini open-theatre to enjoy a live performance. Not a band, but it's a traditional quartet. They performed songs. The girl was cute. :D Then we finished off the night with a stroll on Danga Bay Marina...nicely cool, the weather was. Actually it's damn cold. Hahaha~

The cool part of JB Bazaar - sorry, the pic's blurry. Hik3~

The ghazal performance at JB Bazaar. Cool.

Danga Bay Marina...full of couples and crazy Singaporeans on multi-bicycles that night. Ha3

Then the next day, woke up at 12.30pm coz we stayed up watching movies. Hahaha~ Then we were struck by sleeping sickness - slept in the afternoon up till evening. Then showered and everything, headed for Tebrau City...walked through all clothes store - Padini, Reject Shop, the sports equipment shops...etc. Afterwards, went to Pasar Borong Pandan. Also walked through everything. Oh, did I mention? All these venues we went to by bike. It was FUN!!!!!

Can't help but tasting a bitter taste in my mouth. Will I see Semester 4?