Thursday, January 06, 2011

Observation: Potential Models in Sabah

I have lived in Lahad Datu for the whole 21 years of my life now. And I have also lived elsewhere due to my studies, in Labuan and most recently in Johor. The fashion world needs more male models, and non-Caucasians, specifically. From what I see, Malaysia can be a place to train and discover new models for the future. But through observation, most Malaysian models are quite regular-looking, having either a good face or great physique but rarely having both features together. Some every day people I see could easily upstage these mediocre. Sometimes I look through magazines thinking "This is the best model they could get??" If scouts would venture further, they should see lots of other places other than the city will have more better looking people who could easily displace those mediocre ones. I will focus on Sabah's major ethnic groups as the source of potential models, specifically male models.

Sabah can be a treasure trove to discover potential new models. We have a rich diversity of not only flora and fauna but also people of different ethnic backgrounds. To be a model, one must possess good physical features. I see that Sabahans have these naturally. And their beauty comes not from endless hours at the spa or gym; their toned bodies come from the hardwork they do for a living, and the great complexion comes from the clean living in their kampung areas. As for the model good looks, let's attribute it to their genes; Asians have been known for their natural beauty and the combination of good living conditions and good genes have contributed to the exceptional physical attributes.

More prominent on the West Coast of Sabah, the Kadazandusun are distiguished by their Oriental looks, fair skin and a tendency to be mesomorphic or endomorphic. Kadazan girls have been known for their exceptional beauty for many years. But the men are also good looking in their own right. Fair-skinned by nature, they are  great physical shape thanks to hours of tending to their agricultural tasks.

The Bajau Laut people, who possess prominent facial bone structure, are easily distinguished among the people from their sharp features. Their days are spent at sea, catching marine produce and swimming. This gives them an edge in having a toned body. Young Bajau teens already have the toned physique and symmetry to allow them to become young prodigies should they be discovered early. More ectomorphic by nature, these would make great runway models or editorial skinny ones. They have tanned skin and brownish hair which should contribute to their unique looks.

The Bugis people have more rounded facial features but they have also have a more mesomorphic body type, allowing them to become good fitness models. Their dark skin also allows them to fit perfectly into the non-Caucasian market. The Sulu people are almost the same as Bajau in having sharp feature but they have a more broad, alpha male appearance. I could say that their physique would look like an amalgam of the Bajau and Bugis features, having a broad sinewy look reminiscent of Bear Grylls. Cocos people come from an island of the same name off the coast of Australia. Cocos people are quite similar to Samoans, I might say. Island life have evolved them to be almost mesomoprhic, having to deal with the sea and land. Hence, they tend to have broad strong bodies but not the bulk, almost like Hugh Jackman. They also tend to be taller as there is a chance of Caucasian blood.

Thse are but some of the results of the observations that I have made. Aside from their natural good looks, their inherent drive for survival would equip them with the drive to succeed. These people might have a chance if they were discovered. After all, model scouts tend to gravitate towards urban areas in search of fresh faces. They should look elsewhere too; the urban area is running out of good faces. Why do I think so? I know so. Many times I have flipped through magazines and sighed at the mediocrity of the models' looks. And don't get me started on those Malaysian ads which use Caucasian models. We are rich in diversity of race and culture; utilize it to our benefit to produce fresh new talents. Malaysia spans two piece of lands, the peninsula and the Borneo island. Travel more, dear talent scouts, and find the hidden gems in Sabah :)

this is my observations of the locals in Sabah in terms of modelling potential based on physical attributes and their potential to succeed. No racial discrimination is intended on any side. it is of my own personal objective observations, based on what I see and what I have experienced.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days

get slimmer+healthier

be a vegetarian (again)

get better grades

get a camera

patch up things with people whom i have gotten less-acquainted with

do more Kamireka stuff

design more

get in touch with old friends/friends on FB but not in real life

avoid matters of the heart

what's in my bag

my Dell laptop+charger+wireless mouse

my Sony MP3 player

my Nokia phone

my self-designed pencil bag

my wallet

my design portfolio

my worst habit

- biting my fingernails (especially when i am nervous)

- EXTREMELY emotional when i am hungry

SO DELAYED: my week in great detail.

- wake up
- clean myself (shower, brush teeth, wash face, prepping for going out)
- go to nek haji's house
- breakfast
- surf the net (FB, Twitter, Mail, KRA)
- lunch
- watch TV/surf the net/go to library/hangout
- go home
- running (frog park)
- rest
- dinner
- watch TV series on laptop (Family Outing)
- sleep

(repeat the above sequence seven times)