Friday, January 01, 2010

Fuckin' New Year, Y'All!


Just got drift from my friend that THE BITCH is spreading LIES about yours truly. WHAT THE FUCK! Seriously, I heard from another source about Its nasty habit, but after listening to this friend's testimony, I really went SPEECHLESS. The atrocious stories that he spread about me...You'll never be able to imagine.

I'd like to thank those who have been behind me, supporting me, sympathizing with me through this; and thanks also to the friends that have conveyed Its are not bad-mouthing about it; you are merely telling the gossip-victim the stories that It spread.

To those behind It and also beside It. Your're listening to It and swallowing what It fed to you just because It's your friend. Don't think that It had never told LIES about you. Don't think that It had never bitched behind your back. Don't think that It had been honest with you. The MONOBROWED TRANNY always LIES.

Thursday, December 31, 2009



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Post

Today started out as usual...woke up at 6.59am after much procrastination with the Snooze button. Went to English class. We brainstormed for the English project. And it was th first time I speaked to the lecturer, Mdm Haliza. She's lovely as all English teachers are, but with an edge. I'd dare call her bitch, but in a good sense. A bitch is a confident girl who is capable of holding her ground in this male-dominated world. And she is one. Hu3~ So I proposed our idea to her...and she really shot at us for it - it wasn't that she rejected ours, but it's just that she sternly reminded us of what we have to do for the topic - something that SURELY means that she is cautiously watching our steps. Well, we're gonna do our best on this - we've got the best team around - chemistry is good too.

Then went back to dorm by bus. It's been a while. Bumped into C on the bus. I know, I know, I'm supposed to erase all experiences with C forever and ever. And I didn't acknowledged C's presence; just a glance and I sat into my seat. I'm LOVING my W Series MP3 Player by Sony! I can turn, twist, do the moonwalk, backflip and it will not hinder my movement - plus I get double takes for it! :D

Around 2pm I went to settle my electrical appliances fee, but they said the receipts have been sent to the UTM Treasury. So it's tomorrow then. I decided to go see Mr Rahim. He said that It will be relocated to an upper floor in MA6 or MA7. Anywhere you want to put him, Mr Rahim, with ALL DUE RESPECT do put him anywhere you want but in this room - I have had enough. Allah is Most Compassionate and Merciful, He has answered my prayers...;) So now it's a matter of enduring It for a few more days...If he moves this New Year, even before, it'd be a GREAT start of a New Year...:D

I want to thank all my friends who have heard this story from me and sympathized with it...Love you guys and gals...Thanks for all the support and all the love and understanding...only He can repay your kindness...;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow. It's been a while.

Just returned from KL...went Christmas shopping... but the sad thing is, the night before a disaster happened. Probably bad mojo from the monobrowed monster. I was there on my desk surfing the Net when I got peckish. so I made myself a glass of milk. As I was struggling with the tin of Lo-Salt Hi Fibre biscuits, I bumped into the glass but I ignored it. But as I peeled my eyes off the tin, all i saw was a milky flood on my keyboard! With a string of colorful expletives, I hurriedly disconnected the charger and my broadband. Then the screen flickered, and it restarted. Without having second thoughts I disconnected the battery and hard disk too, remembering something from the laptop manual. Hugging my laptop like a mum holds her long lost child, I cooed and coaxed my laptop from its coma...I practically cried that night. The laptop is my life - study, homework, social life, my connection to the world, practically. Then I resigned to letting it dry. Not a moment goes by in KL that I don't worry for my laptop. I didn't even tell my mum - I didn't dare, unless I was in the mood for a bleeding ear. Then I returned to JB Monday midnight, and with high hopes that it will snap out of its coma...ALHAMDULILLAH, it's back on! :D

KL was fun, but it would be more fun if the laptop incident didn't happen.

Saturday - Started journey 11.30am. Went to Putra station heading for KL Sentral. Walk the short distance to Monorail for Times Square. Texted Dylah coz I forgot which station to stop on (thanks Dylah!) then arrived. My fave jeans shop wasn't open....but I bought a sweater, and got the jeans from another place. Then walked over to Sg Wang. No good either - not much to see...nothing caught my eye in these two locations. And it was SEARING HOT. Even in the short walk from TS to Sg Wang I loathed.

Afterwards, came out of Sg Wang to head for the Monorail station back to KL Sentral. Walked the short (and HOT) distance outside to BB station. Kept my cool, kept my wayfarers on, witht eh optimism that in case something stupid happens, I'd not be there in the nearest future. Ha3... went back to KL Sentral, and thought of whether to go to KLCC or Mid Valley. The second destination was the choice. It is here that I shopped - Vincci watch, new high tops, black jeans, some other stuff...couldn't find the right vest. And Topman wasn't adequately stocked. Many things were sold out.

After Mid Valley, there was plenty of time left, so I decided to wrap things up with KLCC and Pavilion. I witnessed the 8pm snowfall. Marvelous. I was feeling the moment, a la Korean series...thank goodness I have the face to pull it off :P then went home, exhausted...seriously. I slept like a baby that night. Ha3~

Sunday - Went to 1 Utama coz Aunty had to go to church. Met up with Kak Anie. Shopped and laughed and basically had TONNES of fun. It's been a while since I've laughed that hard. Love the moment - she sent me to Pudu, so before that we took my stuff from the house and went over to Pasar Seni, my dream destinantion. Finally I got to go. I saved the intention to go to Pasar Seni since I was 1 years old, imagine that.

Only just now C replied to my message. I realized how stupid I was. I was holding onto a frayed rope, with high hopes of being rescued. But now I know better. I deserved it. So what. I still am human capable of mistakes. YOU don't have the right to step on my face. I shall sever all ties with C. It'll be like I never knew C. There shall be no goodbye too.