Friday, July 09, 2010

..:: Final Hours ::..

It is true, good things come to those who wait. I've waited so LONG to go home (delayed by the Survey Camp last semester) and I enjoyed the sweet sweet pleasure of going home. Unfortunately, it also brought on a heavier-than-usual feeling of leaving home again. This is the last post that I will type in my room at home. For this semester break.

What Aizat, me and Michelle planned out to do, KAMIREKA ART, which is a design partnership, is finally afloat. It hasn't flew very high yet, but it has lifted off the ground. We were all preoccupied with a busy schedule, and no right time for the three of us to meet and discuss. So this sem break we had the chance and held four meetings to straighten things out and get the creative and managerial aspect done. Alhamdulillah, we have obtained sufficient efficiency to carry out creative and managerial aspects of the game: me and Aizat will be in charge of the creative aspect of designing; Michelle, who has more experience in accounts and retail, is in charge of the financial aspect. However, we all have equal say in all aspects. We have shoes, caps and shirts for the time being, but will venture into other attire such as totes and mugs. Creative and managerial tasks aside, we now carry out intense advertising by having a Facebook page, posting links on friends' pages, and blogwalking and leaving a link where we've stopped. InsyaAllah, it shall bear more fruit in the future.

Leaving for UTM...again. As I've mentioned earlier, it's harder this time around. Mixed feelings induces some kind of nausea in me. The uncertainty, which I absolutely hate, threatens to disembowel me. The following are the list of emotions and the reasons:

- ELATED as I'd be meeting my gang of friends again... Juju, Nisa, Syaz and Mimi. BFFs!
- SAD because I'd be leaving the people who TRULY, truly truly loves me: My family.
- WORRIED as I'd be leaving my grandfather who is suspect of gout. A debilitating ailment that gripped my late grandmother. Allah please let him have a long life. Amin.
- UNCERTAIN as to who will be my next roommate. I have an ASSHOLE of a roommate last semester, and was changed to another one no better than the previous.
- DEPRESSED because I'd be returning to another year of academic horror worse than the last. Allah, please give me strength.
- UNCERTAIN and thus, WORRIED if I would be able to carry out KAMIREKA duties in UTM.
- PISSED OFF, because JPA ain't in yet.

These are just a handful; more emotions bug me, but either I can't find the words to describe them, or I just don't want to. Hurmmm....

Bye, Lahad Datu... Again.


I remember a friend of mine (and a host of other people) who said that if we remember someone fondly, or just thought about someone out of the blue, that person is also thinking the same way. Is that true?

Emotions II

Sat down in front of the laptop with ice cream sundae in hand. Then it was time for everyone's bedtime. Mum came and went all emo on me. Not crying, but surely heading that way. Please don't be emo with me. It's hard enough controlling this dam of emotion from bursting. I don't need a proverbial child to come and tickle me while I hold the dam in.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

..:: Testing Stuff ::..

In an effort to rest my tempestuous emotions, I surfed the Net for information and reading material. Looking at the latest technology and news from all fields and aspects keeps me running and distracts me from troubles, temporarily. I especially like reading about MP3 players and Cameras, as well as the latest in mobile phone technology. Recently read news from Huffington Post and Time too, plus some celebrity news (what teenager doesn't like that). And I read stuff from my fave site too, After reading those, I'd sometimes post them on my Facebook so others can read about it too. Info-sharing is caring... I also chanfged my Google Chrome themes a few times out of boredom, and downloaded Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Tester. It looks like Chrome, but the graphics are jaggy and awkward. It's a tester version, so it figures. Hope they comb things out real smooth soon! :D

BTW, I typed this entry from ScribeFire, a Google Chrome extension. It's WAY better than Blogger's own create post page because it's wider and clearer and basically, easier to use... Lots of additional functions, but I'm still figuring out where the fonts button is. Haha~

If you're an avid blogger, try it out - it's a pleasant experience.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Emotions seem to run high this week. Prominently, today.

This is my final week at home. Next week will commence a new semester in UTM. It's a bittersweet feeling, like previous times - happy to see UTM friends again, having fun, studying our asses off while having immense fun and an inflated social calendar, but also melancholic due to leaving behind the family. I still cannot cope with the feelings.

goodbye, Glee...for now I hope.

Had steamboat dinner today. Tried hard to minimize eating in the daytime to maximize dinner stomach space. And the finale of Glee was also today. If my parents and sister weren't watching Glee with me, I'd cry. I did that with the finale of Charmed. And I was happy too, because me and my sister executed steamboat preparation flawlessly. Mum had to interfere only minimally, to get the freshly bought veggies cut and served. This further exacerbated the bitter feeling of not wanting to leave home. But I'm keeping things sunny by saying to myself that I'd be able to resume jogging and eating healthy back in UTM later. But this immense elation only caused me to put my guard up; all my life I have met moments of intense happiness only to be struck down with something really bad. That is how my world balances it out.

As I type this, I'm at Nek Haji's house. His ankle froze up in the kitchen while he was cleaning the fish for lunch two days ago, and complained of immobility on the left foot. This morning mum and dad were surprised to see the things that he did normally - turn off the porch lights, opening the door et cetera - weren't carried out. Turns out that he cannot move from the night before, and had been immobilized on the bed since after dinner. They rushed him immediately to the clinic, where the doctor said that he's a suspect of gout. That word "gout" sent chills through me. One of the ailments that struck my late grandmother was this.

Ya Allah, please don't take him away yet. I'm not prepared for this.

Monday, July 05, 2010


I was sitting in the car, on the way to Nek Aji’s house. We went by Taman Harapan, where my late maternal grandmother lived. There and then, I remembered the old days when I would spend the weekends with her.

She lived by herself in Taman Harapan. On the weekends, I would spend the weekends with her. Occasionally, Nazrin and Nadia would also follow suit. It wasn’t only us, but cousins Han Han and San San also came. Those were back in the days when Malaysia still has a half-day workday on Saturdays. But our visits extend back to the days when she was still staying in Jalan Segama.

Oh, I remembered those days – we would arrive around 8am. Her house, in my opinion, is the very last in the housing area; just go straight into the housing area without turning into any junction and you could do no wrong. Entering the house was a sort of an obstacle. She has a dog. She already changed dogs four times, I think; the latest one is called Daisy, even though it’s a male dog. It was quite a large mutt; when I was in Year Five the dog reaches my waist. Every time we arrive the dog would come up to the sliding gate, barking its lungs out. But Popo (that’s what we called our grandmother) would come out and bring it to the back to tie it up, or just hold on to Daisy while we scurried into the house. Han Han would arrive earlier because her mother (my aunt) worked in the market.

After Popo comes into the house, she would ask us whether we have had our breakfast yet. Either way, we would be propped in the kitchen, looking at the kuih-muih that she brought home from the market. There would be little plastic bags filled with kuih lapis, hum-jin-piang (kuih kuping gajah in my paternal tongue; round discs of dough with a brown spiral line on it made from five-spice powder), kuih bom (round dough with a peanut+sugar paste filling) and my favourite . It’s a flat-ish white translucent bun, steamed with a banana leaf used to support it. It is filled with a delicious mixture of shredded water chestnut and radish. Sometimes she would make steamed cake, which is good enough to eat without any topping.

After breakfast, the day would go by with activities; at one time, we would set up little stores, where we would sell some of our toys; this wasn’t pretend purchase using fake money and the merchandise was given back at the end of the day; we have pocket money, and we both have toys of the other that we covet. So instead of fighting or stealing, we sold them to each other. At this time, Popo would be sitting besides us, TV perpetually tuned to either of these channels: TVB XingHe, Celestial Movies or Wah Lai Toi. But we wouldn’t be playing around for a long time. Mum has told me that we were there not to burden Popo too much; so we would also help out around the house, sweeping, cleaning and other chores that children can help with.

Around 11am (or as late as 12 noon), Popo would turn the TV off and we would go into the kitchen where she would start lunch. She doesn’t need to cook much; there would be fish left over from last night’s dinner. All she had to do was cook some vegetables, and we’d be set for lunch. Occasionally, she would ask me to get a can of vegetarian duck/chicken/abalone for lunch too; she knew that I loved those. After lunch, we would help out with the dishes and put unfinished food into the food cabinet.

In the afternoon, Popo would take a nap; it was either on the dining room floor or in the living room. She would walk leisurely into the room, get a pillow and lie down. The cool tiled floor of both places was a good place to get rested, especially on a hot afternoon. We the children would continue playing. Sometimes we would be drawing and coloring; sometimes we would watch Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. And sometimes, we would also take a nap, but not alongside Popo. We would wake her up, because we would still be chatting, kind of like a pillow talk.

The evenings… 4 o’clock was the time that we were allowed to go out to play, but plans would have started since 3 o’clock. Because of the Journey to The West/Monkey King hype, we liked to do roleplaying, each playing a character inspired by the story. There would be a myriad of improvised weaponry; cudgels from broken broomsticks, long staff from okay-broomsticks, or a paper fans. If we were really in the mood (and Popo doesn’t seem to mind), we would also have capes made from thin bed sheets. There would be basic guidelines, such as no hard-hitting. But the part that was the hardest to watch over was spell-casting. Someone would be hit, and he/she would claim that a protection spell was cast beforehand. There would be some quarrelling, but no hard feelings were felt. Later in the evening, Popo would come out for some fresh air; she would just sit on the yellow iron-cast bench outside the house, sometimes chatting with the makcik or aunties who walk by and takes a rest beside her. Sometimes we would also sit with her, chatting. Daisy the dog would either be tied at the back of the house, or it would be set loose to mingle with the other dogs. Around this time, Mum and Dad would arrive, taking me home.

Those were the days~

Sunday, July 04, 2010

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