Thursday, May 27, 2010

Of Annoying Procedures and Cold Shoulders


Finally I pulled myself up and out to go get my MyKad reported as missing. It was so tedious, as told by the inefficient police officer. One look at that beer gut shows how inefficient he was - not to mention how high up he was. Belly width correlates with position in ANY uniformed force.

We had to go to HQ to report it missing, get a signed piece of paper verifying that I honestly lost my MyKad, then go back to one of the police stations to lodge a report. When I say lodge, it truly means LODGE; you had to make yourself truly visible (i.e. stand at the front desk, not sitting down primly waiting for your turn) in order to get any one officer's attention. THAT'S HOW BAD THE SERVICE WAS. This is not like what I've encountered in West Malaysia. At that time, there were only TWO officers present that time, and still, they managed to squeeze in a polite "Encik, sila tunggu sebentar ye". Today there were FIVE officers, three of which were doing nothing official. Even squeezing a smile out of them would require an effort.

Finally they took down my report, asked me to return on the 2nd of June to get the official printout, and I was off. I was keeping my cool and sanity the whole time; I was keeping happy thoughts, like Jaini and Jasnita's (my cousins) laughing faces in my mind. Returning on the 2nd of June was also dumb; what does the long weekend of Kaamatan holidays have to do with police tasks? That report should be prepared this afternoon, the latest being tomorrow. Crime never sleeps. The police shouldn't too.

Overall, I'm not really satisfied with the tedious procedures and the service. This is my POV.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prologue Episode 2

She went with the latter. Emma grabbed her Birkin on the way out of the apartment. She took out her phone to check for text messages from Julia. Julia Ackerman was her best pal since college, sharing the same faculty but in different courses. Now Julia works as a fashion coordinator for Marion-Claude, a prestigious fashion magazine. Emma works in the same place too, as the assistant fashion editor. As usual, Julia’s naughty messages put a smile on her face.

Hope the Big O put a Big Smile on your face last night! Morning M!

Emma paid the driver and climbed out of the taxi. Marion-Claude’s black marble and chrome sign greeted her. So did Julia, who was leaning on a column of the building entrance.

Julia stood up and walked over to Emma. Julia’s burgundy sheath dress flowed like liquid as the breeze caressed it. She made the feminine ensemble edgy by pairing it with white knee length boots and some chunky accessories.

‘Fred’s?’ Julia asked, referring to their usual breakfast spot.

‘No, let’s have some fast food today.’ Emma suggested McDonald’s.


Over hash browns and black coffee they talked about many things; their conquest last night, what happened at home and at work, among others. Although meeting every single day, breakfast lunch and sometimes dinner (if they’re having dinner) they never ran out of topics to talk about. Finishing up their coffee and refilling it for the road, they headed back to the office.

Once in her office, Emma sat down and pushed the button for her assistant. ‘Dan, give me my agenda for today.’

Daniel knocked on the door. Emma murmured a “come in”. Daniel sat down in front of her and went through the planner.

‘You have a meeting with Abigail about the models she chose for the underwater shoot at ten. Turns out three out of six of the models can’t swim. That’s your ten o’clock.’ Emma nodded. Daniel Henriksson has been Emma’s assistant for only six months and she was already impressed by his efficiency. A handsome lad with a toss of fiery red hair cropped short, his handsomeness was further accentuated by the Prada suit he was wearing today.

‘And a lunch appointment with Blake Lively about the centerfold shoot for M-C at Le Fleur de Montaigne at one, followed by an afternoon for you to oversee the shoot. Oh, at five you have an appointment with the mani-pedi with Miss Ackerman.’ Daniel snapped the planner close.

‘Thanks Dan,’ Emma smiled. She suddenly remembered something and rummaged through her Birkin. SHe handed a crumpled receipt to her assistant.

‘Can you pick up my black Badgley Mischka dress from the dry cleaners?’

‘Sure, Miss Caville.’ Dan took the receipt and closed the door behind him. Quite a leisurely Monday, Emma thought to herself. She turned on her laptop to check her email. Her personal email was filled with Facebook notifications, and the occasional Astrology reading; her business email was filled with feedback about fashion trends, model dossiers, mail from designers about their new line of clothing. Taking notes about these, she reminded herself to inform Dan of these things.

The day went by smoothly. Minimal problems at the shoot; Blake was a doll, but the photographer was a tad green. Nevertheless, he fulfilled Emma’s vision. Thanking Blake for the lovely shoot, she left the studio and headed upstairs. Emma liked taking the stairs; it gave her a workout and besides, the studio was only two floors down. She fished out her phone from her bag. Emma called Julia to remind her of the 5 o'clock appointment.

‘Won’t miss it for the world.’ Julia replied cheerfully.

to be continued~