Friday, October 23, 2009



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Outing~

Today went out with a friend, it was his day off from first we went to his house, he had to finish up his chores after sending his mum to the haemodialysis center. So I checked out my mail and Facebook-ed while he finished up. Then we went to Sutera Mall, he checked out some shoes. I also checked out some stuff, but was not planning to buy anything - saving up to settle fines, summonses and also my recently lost matric card and IC. SHIT MAN, how can it be's such a freaky happening, I can't even describe it.


Okay back to the original story. Since I haven't go to AEON Bukit Indah before, he took me there. It looked so much like Tebrau City...the similarity was uncanny. Hu3~ So then we walked in. Even the smell was the same. Ha3 he went to buy a Chicken Chop from Shihlin Taiwan Snack Foods, before we headed for A&W. I haven't been to that fast food chain for like, EIGHT years now, and we had the ice cream waffle. It was nice. Then I HAD to finish browsing through the mall. Went to Bossini (he bought a shirt), I went to browse through Padini, and then we headed up to 2nd and 3rd floor.

Bought this Tag for my dearly beloved bag...Hik3 ;)

On the way to Sutera Mall, tried out my friend's specs...Love the first one best, personally..;)

Went to Factory Outlet Store while waiting for my friend to take a drag (on a cig)...and found this sloppy and enormous bag! It was the length of my leg, literally. Army-inspired...and totally cute! I have a thing for big and sloppy bags recently, would be so cool and tough-looking, not to mention, convenient for any outings that need a lot of stuff brought AND for flights...and I have eyed bags like this on Nylon Guys cost RM99...totally out of my budget...Urrrmmmmmmmmmm~ wish I have somebody to buy it for me...;)

Anyway...had a blast going out with my friend...but it also made me think...exam's around the corner

Am I having a tad too much fun? ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This song never fails to make me cry. I LOVE YOU MUM~

Mama thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I'm not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
For the times
I forgot

Mama remember all my life
You showed me love,You sacrificed
Think of those young and early days
How I've changed
along the way

And I know you believed
And I know you had dreams
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see
That I am where I am because of your truth
I miss you, I miss you

Mama forgive the times you cried
Forgive me for not making right

All of the storms I may have caused

And I've been wrong

Dry your eyes

Mama I hope this makes you smile
I hope you're happy with my life
At peace with every choice I made
How I've changed
Along the way
And I know you believed in all of my dreams
And I owe it all to you, Mama


I was going through the papers during lunch just now, and I am very, very appalled by what I see - a woman who watches while his Sudanese boyfriend raped, sodomized and violated her young daughter; another news about a father who violently and repeatedly stomped on his son just because the son was caught tearing through his packet of cigarettes.

What is becoming of this world? We regularly see this kind of violence in the animal world, like parents eating their young. But this is done out of necessity, for survival; it is also to weed out the possibility of bad genes passing through the family tree. We as humans, however, are NOT animals; we have neither the real necessity to kill our young out of survival, nor are we financially insufficient enough to kill our offspring. What's worse there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to commit such atrocities to our children!! Especially the 2nd case where the father violently assaulted his son just because he was tearing through his pack of cigarettes. Why T.F. would he do such a thing??

The world is becoming horribly twisted day by day; children abandoned, abused and assaulted by parents AND vice versa. Let us all pray that no such thing happens to us and our loved ones. Amin.

Peach Blossom

Speaking of peach blossom, it reminds me of the lectures that Lilian Too used to give on channel@15 come Chinese New Year...and this really is the opening of my peach blossom. I joined a few social networking sites, and recently there's a slow and steady flow of people that I don't really know. I just added them, in the interest of knowing more people. This turned out to be VERY, VERY nice: from these new people I have been able to hold a steady conversation, with some I even spoke to like we have known for a long time! What's more, these people are from another age group, older than me. Therefore, from these people I have learnt a lot: older people have more experience, and from them I have learnt a lot of things. Some of these people are from different backgrounds, have different tastes and varying interests. So I am able to diversify my knowledge, and maybe get a tip or two from these unique individuals.

To these special people, I salute you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Setting myself apart~

Wow. I've subconsciously set myself apart in friendships. I have joined some social networking sites, and they all wanna be friends. I'm fine with that, but in the chats, I set myself apart so distinctly - I make it very clear my wants in a relationship. Because I don't want to be heartbroken ever again. When they chat me up, I always withold some information, and gauge their interests: is it purely for fun? For pleasure only? Or is it for real? I have gone through enough heartbreak: I gave my heart for someone, and the turnout: not even a day-after call/text. It's really heartbreaking. You think you had it real for someone, but they actually only want one thing. And sometimes they don't even read through your profile; they only see a cute face and automatically assume it's what they think it is. well, I'm NOT.

When they ask me for a phone number, I see the way they text: is it fun and flirty? Hot and steamy? Or are they genuinely into me, and want to know more about me? When they move straight into the topic, then it's settled: no strings attached. That hurts like shit, man.

Monday, October 19, 2009

~Silly Pitch~

Once the interest of upping their profits, companies have utilized the power of the naivety of consumers. Noticed this while going to Jusco Taman U with Juju my bestie: the latest so-called innovation: the pen that is sold according to the users' active hand: a leftie-pen or a rightie-pen. Upon closer inspection (and touch-feel-use session) I found no difference whatsoever; this is some kind of sales pitch to trap consumers into buying stuff. Sure, there was a research conducted that proved thousands of lefties getting killed by using rightie-designed products, but I doubt that pens are a major cause of death; its just a symmetrical stick with an ink-filled shaft, designed for writing (and doodling, for me). This company started the hype about how their pencils are superior and "meets exam's guidelines and markin-machine settings". Please. I went through three exams fine and safe without ever using their specially-designed pencils (I even used mechanical pencils for their better accuracy and cleanliness, duh).

Enough of silly sales pitches. went to Jusco to tame this ever-increasing boredom. Originally I planned to bring Nisa and Syaz, but they weren't it ended up with me and Juju only. We ate at Sushi King. The seared saury was positively nice. I had a bit of a difficulty making the decision of what to eat; Sushi King was like the KFC of sushi, so everything was not really healthy Japanese fare; things were deep-fried, too salty or too sweet. So anyway, afterwards we went to MPH; I bought the monthly Men's Health, practically a bible for health, along with a couple of pens for the upcoming exam (my pen's running low on ink). What struck me happy was the total: normally with US Men's Health and pens the total would be RM21.40; the total was RM11.60. That means that the cashier sold me a US edition MH with a Malaysian edition's price (RM10). Nice. After that, went to Secret Recipe. Finally tamed my craving for a cake...Chocolate Indulgence. Finally, we got back into campus after Juju bought his pack of cigs.

Went running at 6pm; today was an active day. I guess the students were squirming in their seats after a full-day of studying; groups of runners (oddly, pro-runners and cyclists were nowhere to be seen) were everywhere. Hu3~ Ran from dorm, into the Lingkaran Ilmu, went into KRP, ran two rounds around the KRP pond, then proceeded home through KDSE-KTHO shortcut. fine audience today; lookers were everywhere (they were part of the reason why I ran twice around the pond LOL).

Music and Whatnots

Can't believe exam's around the corner. Waiting to pounce on me. and the rest of the UTM community. Plus, a presentation on Wednesday.INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY...Ugh. Dammit. Hahah~

But that's not what this entry's about. Keh3

Just got new music from my friend. Well technically it's not fresh tunes, but I've borrowed some CDs of songs that I've never heard of before: Enya and Telepopmusik as well as Carpenters Gold and Il Divo. I used to have Il Divo but in a cruel twist of fate, it was deleted, how and why I don't know. Just sitting at my desk, trying to summon the spirit to study...dammit N, I went to your room to access the Internet and guess what, you were not awake yet. "Come over to my room if you wanna go online." MY Foot.

Currently loving La Roux, Little Boots and Ladyhawke. What are the odds of all three singers having the same initials, huh? For the time being, I've only listened to one song each; Bulletproof, New In Town and My Delirium. My brother recommended Kings of Leon, but have got one song only for now: Use Somebody. That turned out great as well as the three L girls. Hu3

Telepopmusik is also very nice on the ears - they're like this French electro-pop (I think; I forgot what I read about them last night) and the album is nice. Very Moby-like. Enya I have yet to listen to; I'm waiting for the right mood to set in. Right now I feel very bubbly, so Enya music will not go well right now. Haha~


Finally..I bought the coveted bag...costs way under what I allocated. The original price was RM80, then the 2nd time I went it went to RM60....when I finally bought it, it's RM50! So worth the wait. Keh3~

Exam's around the afraid. Gonna study my ass off...InsyaAllah, everything's gonna be alright... :D