Friday, June 17, 2011

Holiday Plans

- Be a bookworm again and frequent the library like I used to when I was in school

- Exercise regimen: bodyweights, calisthenics, yoga

- Watch what I eat: reduce rica and meat, increase veggies

- Go running

- Snap pictures and go on holidays!

InsyaAllah, all these can be done :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

An entry in BM :)

Orang kata, kalau kita teringat pada seseorang, orang itu pun teringat pada kita.

Memang tepat jangkaanku. Terdetik hati membuka blog kamu dan ku terlihat suatu blogpost untukku.

Kita pernah bersama, ku tak nafikan. But we have both moved on. I'm sure you have moved on earlier than me.

Ku buka semula pintu persahabatan untukmu, andainya kamu sudi, silalah memasukinya :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Comeback! Kekeke~

It's been SOOOO long okay... Hahahaha~

I love these "answer me" things, so I can't let this slip away! :P

Name: Nazmi
Age: 22 this September

DOB: 1st SeptemberPresent Address: G32-204B KRP


1. last beverage = bottled water
2. last phone call = a Penangite friend :)
3. last text message = the same Penangite friend
4. last song you listened to = Heartbeat - Nicole S and Enrique Iglesias
5. last time you cried = Few weeks ago (bout of depression)


6. dated someone twice = yup. regretted it ever since.
7. been cheated on = tonnes
8. kissed someone & regretted it = yeah.
9. lost someone special = yup
10. been depressed = tonnes
11. been drunk and threw up = nope. just fell asleep.


12. orange
13. black
14. purple


15. Made a new friend = yup! :D
16. Fallen out of love = yeah.
17. Laughed until you cried = tonnes
18. Met someone who changed you = yup.
19. Found out who your true friends were = yes!
20. Found out someone was talking about you = yeap.
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list = hehehe


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = lotsa.
24. Do you have any pets? = died durng my second year of uni.
25. Do you want to change your name = nope.
26. What did you do on your last birthday = urm... ended up with a tiff.
27. What time did you wake up today = 8.15am
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = listening to MJ12
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = going home!
30. Last time you saw your Mother = when she came to KL to meet me :D
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = making RIGHT decisions
32. What are you listening to right now = Kenangan Terindah

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011


just a reminder that i will be blogging on my tumblr now... and this will be a place where i'll just see what's up with my blogger followers...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

see me there!

i found a (better) alternative to this blogosphere... tumblr!

anyone who has one, follow me please, i will follow back!
*pinkie promise*

click this icon to go to my tumblr...

see you there :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

..:: DoodleyDoo tee shirt by Kamireka Art ::..



EM rm35
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this blog is stagnant.

just like my mood.

but rest assured this blog will come back online.

not sure about the mood, though.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

25 things about me

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write
a note with 25 things, fact, habits or goal about you. At the
end choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tagged people who tagged you.
If I tag you its because I want to know more about you.


1. greatly greatly GREATLY anticipating my exodus to KL this Friday. InsyaAllah~

2. just rid myself of a big FAT liar (literally, FAT)

3. also anticipating the arrival of my supplement. YAY!

4. goal: to buy a new camera bag (the default is faulty.)

5. goal: to get better results this semester. Amin!

6. my room's condition fluctuates. at a point of maximum nastiness, my cleaning streak kicks in.

7. i love love LOVE my gadgets. and their chargers.

8. fact: if i make a big purchase, i would always get a fever afterwards. hohoho  

9. always the friend, never the boyfriend.

10. i love Purple Nips. absolutely. you give me a big jar of Nips, imma love you forever! haha

11. call me a cheapskate, but i'd always try to find the best bargain for something that i like.

12. i LOVE my domo-kun, but i don't love the one who gave it to me anymore.

13. i am allergic to the place called W***** W***. bad memories. 

14. i hate small spaces, crowded places, spiders and wearing the wrong outfit at the wrong time and place.

15. i wear everything on the right side first except for my pants. the left leg goes in first.

16. my favorite dish is sambal tempeh with fried anchovies and peanuts. cook it for me and you'd sit in a throne in my heart :)

17. i love being of mixed parentage. POV comes from both sides. i can listen to and speak Malay and Chinese. and English of course.

18. i don't like having an entourage of friends. small and intimate would suffice :)

19. goal: to be able to succeed in something i LOVE.

20. i love warm earthy colors, rich greens and blues and royal purple. i don't like pink. nothing sexist, i just don't carry it well.

21.tends to be anti-establishment. been pretty independent in learning stuff all along.

22. hates uncertainties, e.g. the uncertain grayness of the evening sky and long unending meetings with bush beating

23. will never ever look at/give money to beggars. i distrust them and dislike them but not to the extent of assaulting them.

24. likes to sleep in the nude (but not a lot of chances to do so)



tag whom? no one in particular. anyone can do this :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

get out of my life

how does it feel
when the one who says
they love you
are secretly seeing someone else
and that someone else
is someone close to you?

how does it feel
when you have an agreement
with the one who loves you
but they broke it
just to be with the someone
who is close to you?

you say you love me.
you say you want me.
and yet you're being such a sl*t

assholes like you
are better removed from my life.
i lose nothing
yet have lots to gain.

praise the almighty
for ridding you forever from
my life.

Jojo sang
Get out right now,
It's the end of you and me
It's too late now and I can't wait for you to be gone
'Cause I know about (him) and I wonder (why) how I bought all the lies
You said that you would treat me right but you was just a waste of time (waste of time)

p/s: family konon. blah la lu.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Need Malay > English translation of docs? Thesis proofreading? Thesis translation? You may contact me Nazmi 012-8328463 for more details :)

Need Malay > English translation of docs? Thesis proofreading? Thesis translation? You may contact me Nazmi 012-8328463 for more details :)

Answer here

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snapshots 10 February 2011

..:: Close Ups ::..

Freedom (again)


You finally Unfriended me on FB - I have been waiting for ages for it to happen!

I know I'm not gonna be the first one to do it. And good things DO come to those who wait~

Bye bye, ass-pain! :D

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


at first it was India. i was prepared to be immersed in the rich tapestry of culture. hence i joined the group. but noooo... India wasn't sophisticated enough, and you want to see fluttering orange leaves of Fall, be in a cold climate and be around Caucasians. hence the Europe trip.

i was tempted to leave, since the primary reason i joined was to go to India. But Europe's fine too. so i stayed. then the budget allocated was so shoestring, so dismal. i don't think you're being realists in thinking that such budget can sustain us for the whole duration. it won't even properly cover ONE country, let alone five.

and then the actual, actual destination isn't even decided. don't leave so much to chance when planning for something, that's the idea of PLANNING in the first place. if it is London, then London it is; if it's five countries, then five countries it is. we plan and generate funds according to the big picture.

i told my mum that it's gonna be for just London, that's why she agreed to let me join again. and now you give me BS like "tengok bajet la dulu" WTH is that?? make up your mind! once you have the destination set then you can generate funds accordingly. don't be greedy.

i don't expect apologies from anyone. this is what i have to say. i know you would read this. i could easily pull out of the program, i have nothing to lose. i don't expect people to beg me to join back in. whatever lah. if the destination isn't effing decided yet, imma pull out.

emotional freedom

it's been a while since i've posted anything (this seems to be used frequently as my first paragraph. haha)

i recently cleared out my mind of this ex. i was attracted to her brilliant intelligence, the good looks of this angel. but these characteristics have blinded me from the fact that emotional bankruptcy was her major flaw. 

this relationship wasn't broken off by incompatibility or a fight; it was due to the great distance that keeps things complicated and the sheer business on both our part.

recently she got in touch with me again. but then, an invisible force drove me to an outburst of pent-up emotions. that's when my true emotions just burst forth, fueled partly by a promise she made recently to me, which she didn't keep.

she said (yet again) that she still remembers about me. she still cares about me. blah blah blah. the long version is WAY too long for me to bother typing and so emotionally torched, it could get ugly if i did. the emotional burden pent up would prove too much. anyway, sheer facts and ugliness just kept pouring out, and what i expected did happen: she didn't care for my feelings, not a bit. there wasn't an iota of caring, no effort to win me back, to comfort and to soothe the heart. to put it in a simple analogy, if we were to hold hands and i tugged a bit, she would not even care to hold on; she'd just let go. so then and there, the epiphany came: this person is no longer worth my attention and love. the irony is it is from her that i learnt the saying "do not make as a priority, someone who puts you as only an option". i was truly blinded by my love for her intelligence and looks, that i forgot about the emotional absence that depraved me little by little. but now i am snapped out of the trance, and feel very very liberated. i have God to thank for this.

another thing: deep down inside i know she keeps other guys behind me. but i was just too in love. temporarily weakened by it. though she said they were "just friends"; the friend-inappropriate intimacy was glaringly visible. and yet i disregarded them. 

Once again, thank God for pulling me out of the darkness and stupidity. once again i state: i am DAMN SURE those shallow b**tards will have not even a fraction of the depth to hold all those meaningful and INTELLIGENT conversations and polemics that we once had.

after unfriending her from FB (as an act of total severing of any ties), i felt light, clean, and most importantly FREE. i felt like prancing around the room. but i didn't. hahaha...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Questions, Answered

1. What is your best friend's Mom's name? I'm not sure... But I know that she is scary. Hahaha

2. Where is the weirdest place you have a mole? I'd say beside my right nip. LOL~

3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? I'm being gender neutral here. He's my 9th grade PE teacher-slash-Arts teacher. He had a well-built physique and the best-looking forearms. I'd get SO jealous of him because I was a fatso back then. His only flaw? Sweaty pits. Hahaha
4. Have you ever made out in a movie theater? Nope. Where's the fun? Hahaha~

5. What body part do you wash first? I wash my face first.

6. Do you hover over the toilet in public bathrooms? If there are urinals open, I'd use'em.

7. What's the strangest talent you have? To be able to utilize my peripheral vision. It's surprising how many people don't use them and/or not know about them.

8. Do you have an innie or an outtie? Innie.

9. What's your favorite flavored Pringles? Sour Cream and Onion!

10. Have you ever been tied up? Do you want to be? Yep, for a silly game when I was little... But it has a certain sexual thrill to it that I wish I'd get ;P

11. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? Grounded? I came from the spankety-spank era. We get whooped for being bad...

12. Do you parallel park or drive around the block? I'd rather park farther... And get the exercise :D

13. Have you ever had two dates in one night? Yep! :P

14. How many times have you been cussed out? Hahaha, I'm not sure.

15. Which shoe do you put on first? The right one for a good luck! It's my quirk ;)

17. Have you ever been to a gay bar? From the attention I get from these people, I'd say I would LOVE to go to one and just see how it goes! Hahahaha

18. Girls. Confusing and scary at times. But they're great :)

19. Is there one thing all of your love interests have had in common?  They all have darker skin than mine.

20. Did you French kiss before you were 16? Nope.

21. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting? Nope.

22. Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? "Did I turn my laptop off?"

23. Have you ever had a poem or a song written about you? Definitely!

24. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash? I'd rather not wash my towel. I could always sun it out :D

25. Have you ever found anything in your parents' bedroom that was questionable? Sure... But when I got older and wiser those questions answered themselves :P

26. What was your childhood nickname? Lotsa!

27. When is the last time you played the air guitar? Nope. But I do dance around and hop around :D

28. Have you ever peeked in the opposite sexes locker room? Nope.

29. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving? I don't drive. Haha

30. Have you ever bitten your toenails? Yeah... A nasty hangnail was driving me nuts!

31. How do you eat your cookie? I put it in my mouth, I let my tongue moisten it to the point where it breaks off.

32. When working out at the gym, do you wear a belt? I have never worked out in a gym.

33. Name something you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of others. Nose-digging.

36. How many drinks does it take before you get drunk? IDK, I've never reached my threshold. But I know I get all laugh-y and giggly after the third bottle.

37. Have you ever sniffed an animal's butt? NO.

38. How often do you clean out your ears? Almost every day. I'm a freak when it comes to that.

39. Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper? Fold.

40. About how many times a day do you pick a wedgie? I always get one when I go for a run.

41. Do you have any strange phobias? Spiders and small spaces.

42. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? I guess a marble.

43. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done at a bar? Laugh loudly and flirt like crazy.

44. Have you ever been dared to do something you totally regretted? Nope... Hehehe

45. Have you ever called your love interest by an ex's name? I once mixed up pet names.

46. Have you caught a guy/girl farting while on a date? Yeah. I caught the stench. LOL~

47. Have you ever played naked Twister? Nope.

48. Have you ever been drunk at work? Nope.

49. Have you ever found your date's/lover's brother or sister more attractive? Yes. Hahaha~

50. Do you want to bring sexy back? If I am TRULY DRUNK.

..:: snapshots: my cousin Jasnita 3rd february 2011 ::..

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Meeting with Ejat regarding the KRA situation. Talked about past issues, possible frictions, existing tenders and future projects. And potential branching into other disciplines and media.

Went to Multibake. What a small world, Norlyn went there too :D

Ate tempeh at Nur Hidayah. Awesome!

midnight mindlessness

i think this is a version of what happens when someone has a baby.

you only think about the baby, and not for yourself anymore. one grows selfless.

you think twice, thrice and even more times before buying anything that doesn't really concern you. that you don't absolutely need. except when it comes to the baby...

my babies? my laptop, my camera and my phones. as well as other gadgets that i have.

i have no lust, no desire to buy anything else for myself. not even clothes (gasp!)

i am happy enough to be by my babies' side. to have them by my side on outings and such. have friends with me while they're around.

let me eat less, but be sure that my baby gets what it needs and wants :)