Saturday, August 28, 2010

a boy can only wish...

nokia x6
vaio p series - in orange of course :P

dare to dream about this again...

a little game

found this on a fellow blogger's past post:

1. go to the photos folder of your computer.
2. go to the 6th folder of photos.
3. pick the 6th picture from that folder.
4. put the picture on your blog and put a description on it.

it also included tagging 6 friends, but i won't do that. :P

the 6th folder is the Familia folder, a folder dedicated to pictures of my family. here is the picture!

this is a picture of arin and nadia on our trip to tanjung labian. tanjung labian is a quaint village where pakcik jainal's family resides, and owns part of the beach. so, we get to go there (with consent, of course). we would go for a day trip, but once we went to stay there because it was the school holidays, and we stayed at the school's surau. we had a blast staying up a bit late, night-fishing, getting freaked out by the marginally-clean toilet and getting sand in between our toes.

a beach trip with my family is a thing that i look forward to having every time i go back home. sun, sand, tan (or rather, a burn :P) but i will need a three day fast/calorie-restriction diet before the actual trip...

i'm sorry

i just can't help feeling bad...

i didn't mean for it to happen that way - i don't mean what you think i meant...

even though you said it's okay, but i can't help it.

i'm sorry...

TGIF! 27th August 2010

SO SLEEPY, SO SLEEPY... (use the melody from sorry seems to be the hardest word)

morning, as usual, go to class... juju came to take me to class... system ANALysis and design. but morning class is better because i don't feel as sleepy. 11am and up, the eyes get heavier and heavier...

then came data comm class. i totally forgot that the class was held in a non-sleeping class - those with the swivel-tabled desks. gosh, there goes my dream of dozing off... so i snapped some pics, capturing images of sleep-evading classmates while evading sleep myself :P

the presenters - droning on and on and on and on...

"when will it end..."


the girls...

then afternoon came (thank goodness). it was raining. dyana texted me to ask me to go out with her and sherry. went to CS to get beard papa's... thank goodness i won't die custard-deprived. LOL... then we went to tesco bukit indah because sher wanted to get those ziploc bags. i bought a ream of a4 paper, and stocked up on food for the one week that i'll be stuck here while people go home for the holidays.

her word of the day: "whatever..."

the "dun-dun" girl


shouldn't it be "x-trail"?

i miss this :P

"is the pressure enough?"


an attempt to look like she is pumping the tyre :P

then head back at around 5pm. slept until 8.30pm... SO DEAD.

meeting at 10.15pm - turns out that almost NO ONE knew/remembered about the meeting. hahaha

i'll be turning 21 in four days... *sigh*

but there's already a confirmed LOVELY birthday present... thank you :)

i hope what i wish comes true~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

wednesday on thursday

i just woke up. totally missed the CICT visit. dammit - i have to do something about this fatigue. but the doctors here aren't really convincing when it comes to talking about these things... maybe i should consult a doctor outside of campus.

some snapshots of wednesday...

in spatial analysis class - this was to stave off the sleepies and also to capture some moments of class. as proof that it's not all about the socialites... hahahaha~

the guys - quietly listening to the lecture

MGH the terrorizer. hahahaha kidding~

a hunger pang struck, prompting me to draw kinds of food that i was (and is currently) craving. from the top: donut with icing sugar topping, with choc sprinkles, with mint topping and cream filling, beard papa's custard pastry, papparoti coffee bun, lime passion mcflurry and mcfries.

that night, i wanted to do my work but i don't want to be alone, lest my erratic emotions get the best of me. so i went to mcd with syaz, nisa and mimi (plus ain and moon) as they want to do their assignment too. went a bit crazy (by a bit, i mean a lot)

nisa hunting for food. hahaha~

karaoke voucher. free one hour. bbut we had to pay rm5 for it. great song selection, had the best session ever, but the time was cut shirt... huhuhu~

woke up to a sunny afternoon, the kind where there's no wind blowing, and the sun comes down at a slanting angle in beams instead of a general glow. reminds me of home... and mum MMS-ed some pictures where nadia did her make up and took pictures of her... i miss home :(

woke up to that horrible dream again. a mix of a utopian nation gone wrong and resident evil without the heroine. and it is the same scenes, same situations. it was very scary yet terribly compelling. and it is one of the two only dreams that i am able to resume after waking up - does that mean something? i blame part of having this dream to not washing my feet before going to sleep.

i miss so so so so so much... why do you have to be soooo far away~

just a thought for today...




Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what i'm feeling

It's late at night and I can't sleep
Missing you just runs too deep
Oh I can't breathe thinking of your smile
Every kiss I can't forget
This aching heart ain't broken yet
Oh God I wish I could make you see

I'll watch the night turn light blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly
The silence isn't so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again oh no
Once again

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top, like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid

Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around
I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound
Won't tell anybody, won't tell anybody
They want to see us fall they want to see us fall


a ray of light in my days of darkness. that's how i describe you.
even though i am a bit sensitive to light these days.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

23rd august 2010

this is a late entry - i spent the WHOLE of yesterday night until this afternoon to sleep. catch up on the Zs with some help from mr Benadryl :P

the monday blues is inevitable...*sigh*

but it's better when you have friends to go through it together! :D

the socialites had an assignment to finish up and hand in by 5pm, so i just went with them to avoid from being consumed by sleepiness and the monday blues! nisa is absent coz she missed her sunday afternoon flight. leaving one less socialite. we hunted for a place other than the faculty for them to finish up their work (and me to catch up on some Zs too). we end up at a relatively new building behind the electrical engineering faculty, on top of a hill.

we hunted for a spot to sit down and attach a laptop to. there was an empty lecture hall so we settled there.

they sat at a corner nearest to an electrical outlet (to think that an electrical engineering faculty could get more outlets~) while i just moved around the room, trying to recapture my photography mojo. besides, sleeping when i'm with the socialites is kinda impossible :P

sat down with my current bedmate, farish a. noor's what your teacher didn't tell you. it offers a fresh point of view. finally a book worthy of my bucks and attention. but i couldn't sit still... so i helped around with their assignment (their lecturer's english is atrocious), went around the compound snapping pics, but the view itself wasn't that conducive.

and then some students came, saying that there's gonna be a class there. so we left, and settled in the library. with juju's antics, it's dangerous to be in a library. hahaha... but we quickly went into a discussion room, and cracked there (although not that sound-proof, but it's still acceptable). i fell asleep for a while... then went back, prepared for the night's majlis berbuka with classmates. went to lokman tomyam. i didn't know where it is. the spread for the night was sweet and sour fish (i think), scrambled eggs, some veggies, tomyam and also the compulsory kuih and kurma. drank the best-tasting sirap limau - tasty!

taken with nubli and SGG masters student abang ad at the majlis berbuka - impressive snapshot for a poorly-lit place. credits to nub for the camera, and to norman for snapping this! :)

went back around 8.30/9pm, went to send syaz's sister to the airport, did some shopping and went back to commence my hibernation!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

long forgotten

i was blogwalking one day, mostly consisting of friends who are, obviously, fellow bloggers. i went to one friend's blog, which i haven't visited for quite some time (because she didn't update as much). she showcased her photos with her camera. then i realized - i have forgotten and dropped what i once loved SO much - PHOTOGRAPHY. all because someone denied me of the ability to pursue this love.

i count myself as a self-taught student of photography, having taught myself the skills, know-how, jargon, and practically the whole nine yards of the discipline. i scour libraries, bookstores and the internet for this interest. the only thing is, i have no official camera of my own. as far as i remember, my love for photography was spurred by watching my aunt wield a traditional single reflex camera. those were the days when there's no digital photography and all had to be captured on film. its a nikon. looking at her wielding it, tweaking it little by little to adjust to the changes in the environment and the people within it, capturing memories for the family made me interested in pursuing this. thus begins the love for photography.

i have fell in love with it LONG before it was the "in" thing to do amongst youngsters. so obviously, i was incensed when others pursue this interest, as i am pretty anti-establishment. i bought a sony ericsson w580i phone with a 2-megapixel camera in my first year of uni, and that was my first camera. i believe in "necessity is the mother of creativity", and having a low-pixel count phone has taught me to be creative and get my best shot of anything i capture. with this phone, i have received no little praise and recognition.

this is my third year of uni. during the semester break (and LONG before), i have decided to allocate a portion of my scholarship money to get myself a DSLR. the semester break was spent analyzing pros and cons, comparing models and reading countless reviews about cameras. finally i settled on one model: the Canon EOS 1000D. it's an entry-level camera, but as my record states, great pictures don't necessary come from great pixel counts. i would get better models when i get the capital for it.

alas, things didn't go as planned. a formal warning was issued that prevented me from getting the camera. imagine my heartbreak. if a dream was hindered by physical limitations (such as capital), perhaps it could be pursued after the right amount of ability is gathered to break the limit. but here i am, with the full ability to pursue the dream but was PREVENTED from doing so. i was so traumatized by this event that until now, i cannot bear to listen to the four-lettered word, let alone see someone holding it. when it comes to the topic, i'd get kind of touchy. it is as if i have been issued a restraining order against the four-lettered word (fyi: it was hard for me to type the four-lettered word in the previous paragraph).

only recently i have been awakened (by the aforementioned friend) about this dream that i once pursued. litle by little i remove this phobia of capturing pictures. i now try to record memories of me and my friends. the w580i phone recently broke down, so i am now taking pictures with the w380i with 1.3 megapixels. although i will be severely handicapped when it comes to taking pictures in the dark, i take this as a training for my long-forgotten love affair with photography.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

..:: berbuka with syaz, jaf and mimi: day 2 ::..

slept until noon, and rolled around in bed watching kekkaishi and yakitate japan until 3pm - this is too much (lol)... i think i may be narcoleptic (finally found the word for my condition). i didn't plan to go out because i was appalled by my spending behavior - damn it, i hastily reduced the money in my wallet and kept it somewhere else.

but then mimi called... so i took a shower, prepped for berbuka with the aforementioned friends.

as i stepped into the car, i saw a straw mat on the car floor - perhaps a picnic? yes it was. after buying food, we headed for the UTM lake. i went around and searched for the light switches for the platform on the lake (with additional intention of leaving the lovebirds alone for a while :P)... turns out it was automatic and would turn on by itself when darkness falls... hahaha~

i also took this ramadhan as a chance to rekindle my lost romance with photography after the shattered dream incident. i'm slowly regaining my strength and removing my trauma of holding a camera.

you want lomo pics? no need for lomo-looking cameras - say hello to my camphone! :P

the platform from where i stood to scour the area for a light switch

the lovebirds :)


me, by mimi (amateur)

the collective spread

the menu for today:
me: nasi kerabu
mimi: nasi ayam penyet
syaz: nasi ayam (i think)
jaf: nasi ayam penyet (too)
fried chicken butt (YUMMY!) and gizzard
bubur lambuk
acar buah (didn't eat)

afterwards, went for a drive round town... watched the "ladies" of india street, its colors, its vibrancy; watched the humming JB town, and then settled down at JB bazaar for shisha and cards plus light meals. had an additional meal of mat salai (burger with beef jerky and chicken floss instead of patties) and satay. mimi mistook my "5 ayam, 5 daging" as five sticks of each - i meant rm5 of each meat. LOL~ then syaz, mimi and jaf had mee sup... after that we head home.

i darted back to my room as soon as i found out that the ground floor machine is vacant. but then my towel's color leached into the water and tainted three of my clothes - thank goodness my SGG official shirt wasn't affected.

p/s: got news that i'll be on the equipments and multimedia committee for this coming FYE camping - can't wait!