Saturday, January 09, 2010


Late Night Entry. The Shisha's still running through my veins so I have pent-up ENERGY!

In Remote Sensing class this afternoon, I had small talk with my coursemate in class...while in class and another group was presenting their presentation, nonetheless. Turns out that he noticed my stressed-out look, my lethargic presence in class, my troubled visage...It was endearing that my coursemate takes interest in my personal affairs - he asked about the recent events that afflicted me. It struck me that these guys care for me more than I know and perceive. In my heart I am TREMENDOUSLY grateful for this. One of my new year resolutions is to repair and strengthen ties between me and all of my friends. From what I see, they have been more supportive and helpful; I'm getting more positive feedback, and be more accepted. Maybe there was a curse lifted from my life, as the recent departure of a certain entity has made the world seem like an easier and friendlier place to live. I shall return these acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and spirit of camaraderie; I should participate more in their lives as they have in mine. ALHAMDULILLAH for such positivity...may things keep getting better, AMIN.

I was chatting with a friend of mine (I think I've mentioned him in earlier blogs) and he continued sharing with me the joys of being a father. Along with such lofty joys, however, there will be downturns, and people attempt to pull him down; nasty words and behind-the-back talking was thrown at him. This is very much expected, especially in our society full of Busybodies and People-Who-Can't-Stand-Seeing-Other-People-Being-Happy. Well my friend, we've all been there at one point (or may points) of our lives; we shall LIVE STRONG and STAND TALL as we are the right ones in the situation. People may talk all they want, but they shall be blinded by their own ignorance and deafened by their own nasty words. And windfall keeps coming to him too, it seems; it's true what they say - having children will bring you much joy and blessings from The Almighty.

I just HAD TO escape from the week's hectic work today. So I sought my old KML friend and asked her if she'd be interested in having a night out. Turns out her roommate's raring to go out too, so off we went for an outing after 9pm just now. We ate dinner at Singgah Selalu in Danga Bay. Her roommate was yearning for shisha, and since I've never had it before, I decided to have it too. It's euphoric - of course first-timers will be afflicted by the occasional cough-and-choke. But it was so nice and such a good method of escapism, that we had two flavors that night! I felt light (but I wasn't high, mind you). Afterwards when time came for us to pay, I found myself walking rather clumsily and loftily...I hope it wasn't THAT obvious. :P

Friday, January 08, 2010

Programming Sucks Eggs

In the midst of hectic schedules, tonnes of assignments and also weight gain, I still have time to update. My coursemates are SO gonna KILL me. LOL~

Had Programming class today. BORING. ULTRA BORING. Anybody with chronic insomnia shouldn't go consume any of the OTC drugs - just come to the programming class and you shall be cured forever!

To pacify myself of this horrible reality, I try to convince myself that Programming is really like Charms class - a class of learning how to create and cast spells. We have a set of rules on how to cast spells - the right wand flick, correct and clear does Programming. We have ingredients/tools and a set of methods, rules and/or operations of making a program (spells). without any of these components, things could go awry, or just plain fail to work. So then we would learn about the ingredients, and of how to execute these methods. Every programming class I shall convince (or at least try to) myself of this fantasy. Huhuhuhu~

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday Wetness

It's raining cats and dogs outside. Raining buckets. The moral value of the story is: Get your laundry off the clothesline before it rains. Now I have to hang it up in my room. Again. Am running out of underwear. :P

Resolutions shouldn't always be made at the start of a new year alone; it can also be made at other times. The reason why people make resolutions is that they seek to renew themselves, to have a fresh start; it's good that they seek a new lease on life. I have some of my own too.

- Learn to appreciate the people around me more. I have friends, coursemates, colleagues, acquaintances and most importantly, FAMILY. Call/message them more often, show interest in their affairs (but not to the point of being annoyingly so).

- Smarter financial management. The first JPA deposit AND withdrawal should teach you some lesson, Nazmi. For the time being, let the budget cut be a lesson.

- Manage emotions better. I have the most betraying faces around - no emotion can be hidden. Most betraying are these bushy eyebrows. But nothing can be done about it; God made me this way. I guess it's a balance of showing and concealing - I tend to keep problems to myself, so the eyebrows really help in showing at least an iota of it to the world, to tell them that I may need help or in some cases, to tell people to back off. Hu3~

- Be a better parent. Tito should provide ample initial training.

A friend of mine recently "inherited" a baby - the mother passed away, and since he's a good friend of hers, she gave the baby to him. It's not the father's leaving the baby, but the mother said that it would be better for the baby to be settled down in Malaysia first. Wow. He had a baby trusted to him - what a BIG responsibility.I wish him all the best, and for the baby to grow strong, healthy and fine... :)



But I'll still update.

- Got an EXTREMELY COLD SHOULDER from one of my coursemates - entah nape. Did I offend him or something? Is my SELF, my individuality offensive to him? I ask him this because apparently he disses my sense of style and SELF. He's not ALL THAT himself - you think you come from the Malaysian capital you can diss people just like that?? FAKOFF la.

- The BITCH suddenly returned to the room to get It's linoleum carpeting. HOW THE HELL did he enter? By the key, of course. I informed Mr Rahim of the matter once again - and told him that It hasn't returned the key to his previous room too. FAKOFF too.

- I need to find a hiding place for Tito - he's apparently shy and/or scared. always messing up the gravel shore I made for him, turning it into a bed. Hahaha...CUTE LA TITO!

Oh, and my friend might give me a baby hamster in one month's time, waiting for it to be born an then "cerai susu"...I'm gonna be a new dad..AGAIN! :D

Monday, January 04, 2010

Mindless Thoughts the came from nowhere...;)

Today's updates:

The Thing's moving's turning the radio on full blast..but who cares...It's moving OUT!!! I would thought It'd have help from It's posse, but it turns out that they have It's on Its own...HAHAHAHA I'm SO enjoying the view...You have the whole weekend to move, and you were let's see who's shitty...hahaha~

Oh...Tito's one frisky terrapin. He's been scratching and clawing its way through the water...once he did went vertical and I saw it. When I reprimanded it, it kinda obeyed. Huhuhu~ Anyway, having Tito's blood pressure's kinda lower, and I find it happy and fulfilling to care for something. I even felt like I can't wait to go back into my room to see this a glimpse into parenthood?

Oh, C and I got in touch again. It was kind of rude - I confronted C through YM, asking about the status "Now I know why. Thanks to his roommate for the truth." So ASAP I kind of shouted thru YM about it...then there C replied I was taken aback by C's kindness...So I apologized and resumed (politely) the we talked about it, and then now, it seems the WHOLE "truth" revealed turns out C heard "truths" from a friend about me...the "truth" was courtesy of The Bitch...then and there I explained about things...How dare it spread lies...until misconceptions were made about me, and ultimately a friendship was almost destroyed...

Anyway, It's moving now, so I'm just kickin' back, sipping my mug of hot coffee, and enjoying the Big Move...:D

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Kidding, guys..hehehe well it's still a baby, but it's not human...I still love my life...I won't ruin it for some cheap tawdry fun which could possibly end up screwing up my life. Hahah~ Anyway, I'll tell you about it along the way.

Yesterday around afternoon me and Dylah decided to go shopping. It was actually for lunch and Starbucks, but things just didn't turn out the way they're supposed to. So we went to Taman U Jusco, had lunch at Pizza Hut. Wow, did we have a large dinner...a regular pizza, Thai seafood roll for me and lasagna for Dylah. Gosh, i felt like I was about to burst. Hahaha~ Then, originally it was for us to hangout at Starbucks for coffee and WIFI, but seeing that we were both stuffed like Christmas stockings, this was canceled. Haha then we went to do some shopping, but later ditched everything as we made a decision to go watch a movie THEN do the shopping in Giant...

Watched Alvin and The Chipmunks - initially I didn't approve of it as the thing they did to Beyonce's Single Ladies was outrageous, downright ridiculous. But the movie held its place, showed its worth, and also with Theodore's cuteness (EEK!) I gave AATC a thumbs up...just I still can't forgive what they did to Beyonce's song. Hahaha~

Then we did the shopping after the movies...I bough hangers and a refill pack of Downy. Near the end, I bought something that I didn't expect to want and need to buy: a TERRAPIN! It's been a while since I've had a pet; my last pet were two Siamese fighting fish; one purple-blue and the other one albino. And that was six years ago. Now I bought the total set, with the vivarium and all that jazz...set me back RM23. With Dylah's and the shopkeeper's advice thrown in too. But after leaving the store I suddenly remembered (also prompted by Dylah): I DIDN'T ASK ABOUT THE TERRAPIN'S SEX! But then I said I'd go online to check out how to identify it myself.

Reached my room and eagerly set up all the stuff, kinda like a child feverishly opens his presents on Christmas morning. Along the way back to UTM me and Dylah brainstormed for a name: then the list was whittled down to two: Poppy if it was female, and Tito if it was a male. Upon examining it and looking up info online, it was decided that it was a HE. So, TITO it is! :D

Tito's VERY VERY feisty! It kicks and swims and messes up the gravel shore i made for it: after a while I saw the shore screwed up to become just a flat bottom...I couldn't hug Tito the way I can with a cat but if I wanna be close to it I put it between me and my laptop, near my heart...Hahah so CHEESY...talking to it is fun too, although initially it feels silly...Nice Feisty Tito...LOVE YOU! :D