Saturday, December 11, 2010

day 9 - a photo i took

i chose this one out of the thousands that i have :)

obviously i took it.
a pic i took while having breakfast at aunt Jasmine's house.
love the open layout of her house.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 09, 2010

a photo that makes you happy

my brother Nazrin and sister Nadia. MMS-ed to me by my mum :)

location: Jungle Park LDU

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

day 6 - 20 of my favorite things

in no particular order...

1 - my laptop: Dell Inspiron 1525. it's like a bestfriend :) and by association, all my peripherals.
2 - my phones: constant companion. twitter- and facebook-enabled :D
3 - the domo-kun plush: i have coveted one since i first laid eyes on it!
4 - The Nut Graph's Found In Malaysia: great read.
5 - my multivitamins: making sure i'm balanced.
6 - my jeans: they're very custom coz i'm very particular. therefore they mean a lot to me.
7 - my clothes: very custom too for the same reason as #6.
8 - my family: I LOVE THEM!!
9 - my friends: BFFs!!
10 - my resistance bands: workout on the go :)
11 - coffee!! need i say more?
12 - chocolate!! need i say more? :P
13 - panadol soluble. quick and easy.
14 - safi facial wash+moisturizer: the best products up-to-date.
15 - leave-on moisturizer: can't leave home without it!
16 - DKNY's Be Delicious: love the fragrance!
17 - money: DUHH~
18 - coolblog: "peppermint-milk-tea-nak-pearl-tak-nak-ais" in one breath :D
19 - TEMPEH!
20 - RUNNING! euphoria from cardio is the best :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

christmas wish list

no harm in wishing, right? ;)


iPhone 4

new pair of jeans

new wayfarers

moleskine notebook

canon e50+bag+extra batt

unlimited supply of lipo 6x

this is just the tip of the iceberg... hehehe ;P

weird creepy dream

i slept at 4.21am this morning. left the laptop on Star Trek because it's such an awesome movie and i can't watch enough of it. yes i remembered what time it was because i looked at my phone before retiring. so as i fell deeper and deeper into my slumber i went into dreamland.

i remembered visiting a village walking into it via a meandering path. it was like descending into a mini valley because it was situated at the foot of a hill. i reached the house that i was looking for and it faces east. to the north of it was a bridge not unlike a simple bridge that goes through a park, made of stone. so i was yelling at the person's name but i don't remember who. i yelled and yelled but he/she didn't reply. suddenly the surrounding seemed creepy and i can see black smoke swirling around my feet. it was cold. it was black. it's like smoke but acts like a fluid. i remember thinking about it being a cat or a chicken (it was a village after all) it swirled around, tickled and caressed my legs. it was supposed to be ticklish but i remember feeling only fear and creeped out. i grunted and i kicked my legs around and the thing recoiled. i don't know if i screamed it in real life or just in my dream but i remember chanting the Selawat and saying "Ya Allah" and the thing subsided. after that i woke up.

it felt so real. i woke up with a tingly feeling in my legs. it made me not wanna sleep afterwards but i slept again, this time keeping my body as asymmetrical as possible (i read somewhere that "things" cannot attack you if you keep your body asymmetrical). if it was really a supernatural attack, then this is my first time being disturbed in my sleep.

my favorite quote

my favorite quote does not come from anyone old or famous, but it comes from my BFF Rosinah Hussin.

"No matter what you do just trust yourself and be confident because you become yourself because of YOU. Don't care what other people think of you just make your own world and be comfortable with it."

Monday, December 06, 2010

my favorite book(s)

favorite book. here goes.

the most awesome book i have ever read. no other book is written like this.

relate-able, multiracial, REAL.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


i logged in to YM. yet i can't hold it for long. i broke down, burst into silent tears. it was where everything began. it was where we got acquainted. when i log in to YM i expect to see you there. but now you're not. you don't expect to see me anymore, that's for sure.

everyone has been very supportive, i thank everyone for that. you all have tried to lift my mood, to help me move on. but perhaps i was too hasty. i tried being positive, to physically moved on, to be able to laugh and be cheerful on the outside. but deep down inside, i haven't. i wasn't being a realist. i have denied myself the time to truly heal and emotionally move on. i still haven't forgotten about you. every time i'm alone i catch my thoughts drifting back to you. i distract myself by getting busy, i interact with my friends, i focused on other things. i laugh and i smile and i say that i'm okay but deep down i know i'm not.

turning on YM was emotionally hurtful. it's not because you are there, but because you aren't there. your name stays grey; perhaps you have deleted me from your YM but you will always be in mine.

i can't help it. i miss you.

my favorite television program

seems like all categories have multiple candidates :D

this will be snappy :)

current faves - i can't play favoritism! :D