Saturday, April 03, 2010


haven't been able to sleep early for days now - the earliest i managed was 3am. the rest were bouts of 4pm or 5pm. today was the worst - i went to bed at 4.45am and woke up with a throbbing head at 5.36am. i'm typing this in the dark, only illuminated with the light from my laptop screen.

did some installing of google chrome extension just now - kinda cool. facebook updater, hotmail checker and also a weather forecast popup. i have a thing for weather forecasters, it seems. it is just fascinating to see the icons (especially those with apple-esque graphics) change according to the weather outside my window.

the weather forecast extension

the facebook updater extension

went to jusco bukit indah with my pals syaz, nisa and mimi - juju isn't available as he always goes back home on the weekends. did some loitering, and nisa treated us to pizza! went a bit crazy and all, nisa doing some shopping, and me spotting some seriously good stuff but controlling the urge to buy due to limited funds - good things come to those who wait, and i surely hope i could get better things if i waited this urge out. :) going to jusco bukit indah took an incredibly short time - but i uess the trip home balanced everyhting out. i guess we took the wrong exit and ended up on a dark highway heading up to kuala lumpur. but in the end, we found our way out of the rut (and paid the toll) and reached utm safely.

no studying outside last night, but i had the strong urge to do so. ;)

Friday, April 02, 2010


I just heart this guy's blog - it's like the Cartoons page of the daily newspaper for me (I read blogs as morning news)...Been following it for quite a while now. I've added him in Facebook and it's from there where I got the link to his blog. The guy is such an enigma - It's interesting for me when somebody whom you don't expect to do certain things actually do the unexpected... ;)

Plus he's got great handwriting! (at least I think it IS his handwriting)


Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I feel like just running away from everything and hide in a dark corner of the world (or maybe just within UTM). Be with myself, music in my ears, books in hand. The important thing is that it must be VERY VERY dark.

Nobody understands my need to get out of this place. Even I can't describe why. I just can't stand being in the room, and most of all, in UTM. Only some spots in UTM can put peace and ease into my heart. These places are:

- The three wakaf spots in my faculty
- The tree-lined slope facing the football rugby field, specifically on a windy and tepid Saturday morning
- The slope heading up from the Health Center
- The observatory
- The library, specifically on the 4th floor, all the way at the back. Where it faces the helipad. OR the 5th floor. Where it faces the B08 Building.
- The helipad slope

More will crop up as I learn to truly love this place...but the room is just off-limits. It feels hostile.

just listening to music

with a book in hand


A depiction of what I feel about this place

now listening to Norah Jones and other soothing tunes. Venue classified (but still within UTM). Staying here indefinitely.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i like you. you like me.

i liked you. you liked me.

u can't forgive me. u end up being in denial.

i want to push u away. i end up in denial.

why are we playing this game?

if u happen to read this, do contact me.

i apologize for last time - i wasn't prepared.


Monday, March 29, 2010



...The Final Exam Looms...

...Good Luck...


My 100th Blog Post!

Finally. I am able to click on the "NEW POST" button...

A trip to Nusajaya with Mimi, Syaz and Jaf, Syaz's boyfriend.


..:: Upon Arrival::..

..:: Majestic...Modern and Traditional ::..

..:: Happy ::..

..:: Looking Over ::..
..:: Unique Architecture ::..


..:: The Docile Photographer ::..

..:: The Provoked Photographer ::..

..:: Mimi the Assistant Photographer (^_^) ::..

..:: Mimi ::..

..:: The Sweet Couple ::..

..:: Jaf and Syaz ::..

..:: Editorial(?) ::..

..:: Symmetry ::..

..:: The Ride ::..

..:: Awww~ ::..


..:: Mimi's Shot of Me ::..

..:: Mimi's Other Shot of Me ::..

..:: Leisurely Mimi ::..


And Quite Possibly, My Favorite Shots of the Day...

..:: Sweet Nothings ::..

..:: Faith in Love ::..

..:: Hold Me Tight ::...

..:: Love Me Tender, Love Me Now ::..

..:: The Walk Home ::..

and last but certainly not the least, my Ultimate Favorite Shot.