Saturday, November 13, 2010


my new batch of technicolored babies! :D

click for a larger image :P

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promoting Kamireka Art here...

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promoting Kamireka Art here...

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for more information, go to the Facebook page: Kamireka Art or visit the blog :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

tagging schmagging

preparing for my observation piece, slated to be released within the holiday week. in the meantime, this is what i snagged from miss Aten's blog :)

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Selena Gomez's Tell Me Something I Don't Know.

2. when to pack things up?

3. i hate these rainy evenings!!!

4. i want a camera.

5. system analysis and design.

6. have i finished studying for (5)?

7. i will unconsciously bite my fingernails when i am nervous. even though i don't look the part.

8. reading up on the hipster culture.

9. i miss my sweetie~

10. i hate my ink-less printer.

11. i want to have a career in something i love: writing and/or design.

12. who will help me get my laundry?

13. eliminating/ignoring bad influences from my life.

14. i ate too much for two consecutive non-running days.

15. i prefer running to other exercises because i can feel the sweat pouring and the heartbeat elevating and it gives me intense euphoria; working out is only for maintenance. even that is accompanied by a cardio session.

16. i love reading the Nut Graph's Found In Malaysia because i can relate to the stories in it.

17. i love banana milk shake.

18. nescafe's my drug, my drug, my drug (sing like Ke$ha's Your Love Is My Drug)

19. i skip songs on my Sony-baby even though i have it on shuffle.

20. i want boots. and rock 'em with my black bootcuts. that is why it's thus named after all.

21. very weird, very scary, very creepy dream. are my little piggies really THAT dirty?

22. i want to workout in my room but i'm a bit self-conscious with my roommate.

23. will not have dinner tonight. it's coffee all the way, dear.

24. i want to RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. running out of pictures to lomofy. i want more!!

i won't tag anyone - anyone's free to try this :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


one day without texting you was painful.

ignoring Shut Up and Kiss Me (your ringtone) was a nightmare.

but i was just trying to make things clear...

i was trying to reach out. to make myself heard. trying to be more active in this relationship. i'm trying my hardest to be a better man. to not repeat past mistakes that made my past relationships a failure.

why do my efforts make me look like the bad guy? am i trying too hard?

guess i'll cry myself to sleep again tonight.


another questionnaire

got it from ms DeaDay. even though i wasn't tagged, i love doing these! :D

◘ Starting time:
> 12.54am
◘ Name:
> Nazmi
◘ Sister/s:
> 1
◘ brother/s
> 1
◘ What are you wearing right now?
> kain pelikat
◘ Where do you live?
> somewhere in Malaysia
◘ Favorite Numbers:
> 3, 5 and 9
◘ Favorite Drinks
> Iced Nescafe
◘ Favorite Months:
> September
◘ Favorite Breakfast?
> WM: Nasi Lemak EM: Konlou Mee

------ Have You Ever ------
◘ Been in a bath tub:
> yes.
◘ Swam in the ocean:
> yes!
◘ Fallen asleep in school:
> school, no; i started dozing off in Matric. hehe
◘ Fell off your chair
> yes, but thankfully not in public.
◘ Saved e-mails:
> those with attached docs and order confirmations.

------ What is ------
◘ Your room like:
> creatively cluttered :P
◘ What is the last thing you ate
> butterscotch bread :D

------ Ever Had ------
◘ Chicken pox:
> yes
◘ Sore throat:
> lotsa
◘ Stitches:
> circumcision? hahaha
◘ Broken nose:
> thank goodness no~

----- Do You ------
◘ Believe in love at first sight?
> nope.

------ Who ------
◘ Who was the last person you danced with?
> socialites during karaoke. haha

------ Final Questions ------
◘ What are you listening to right now?
> Whitney Houston's I Look o You and Rachel Berry's rendition of Papa Can You Hear Me
◘ What did you do today?
> wakeup - exam - lunner - shisha - dinner - hangout
◘ Hate someone in your family?
> one distant relative
◘ Diamond or pearl?
> diamond!!
◘ Are you the Eldest?
> yes.
◘ Indoors or outdoors?
> outdoors! running's awesome!

------ Today did you ------
◘ Talk to someone you love?
> nope...kinda in a tiff :'(
◘ Kiss anyone?
> yes, hehehe
◘ Get sick?
> when i have been through something major or when i slip up on taking care of myself.
◘ Talked to an ex:
> yeah, recently
◘ Miss someone:
> YES!!!!!!! :'(

------ Random ------
◘ Have a crush on someone?
> yes.
◘ Do you Sleep with stuffed animals?
> Domo-Kun :P
◘ Favorite locations?
> anywhere as long as i have friends and/or family with me :)
◘ Danced a slow dance with someone you love?
> nope. but looking forward to it :)
◘ Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?
> yessssss
◘ You lonely right now?
> yes i am :'(
◘ What time is it now?
> 1.01am. whoa that was quick :P

i don't think i'll tag anyone - anyone's welcome to do this :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

very sad

frankly speaking. i'm sad. i know you're busy and tired at the end of the day. hence we can't chat like we do before. with plenty of mirth. plenty of laughs. lovingly. with concern. "how was your day" was answered with enthusiasm. but now? you come back home. YM is online, we chatted a bit. a little exchange of words. and you go back to watching GG/Betty/whatever series. i know i have things to do. but i do rest in between and i look forward to chatting with you. instead you prefer watching the series. lagged replies. the only time we have active conversations is when we point out something or someone that is a potential threat to the relationship (owing to my jealous nature) and a small fight ensues. the pause after we chat a bit (hostile or otherwise) is followed by total silence, and i know you're asleep. no more proper good nights like before. oh i understand, you're tired.

YES, i understand. you're tired.
YES, i understand. you wanna unwind.
YES, i understand EVERYTHING.

but do you understand me?

when something go wrong, you don't really bother talking things out. i want honesty. talking things out means you're putting an effort into this relationship. we can't just talk about the good stuff and let the bad ones be stashed away in a corner.

imma go silent after this, i guess. don't be mad or surprised if i don't reply texts, return calls or accept them. 

they say "people who make you cry are not worth your tears, and people who are worth it will never make you cry in the first place."

Sunday, November 07, 2010


woo! long time no post~

been busy with exam revisions and all that jazz... actually it's more jazz than revising. hahahaha...

a bit about saturday. it's the day when we have the post-GX camp lunch/dinner... we thought it's a lunch but it was held around 4-5pm. guess its a dinner. good food, great company, seeing the kids, i mean juniors again... managed to persuade one of them to come so everyone gets to have fun.... :D

the pics will come in a later post - when the effing connection is speedier... :D

and D made a group for blondes n cheeses. it's an inside joke. lotsa blonde moments in there. and S had some guy issues. what that guy did was far from being a gentleman. forget being a gentleman, it's the 21st century. it's just plain RUDE!!! that is NOT how to treat a lady. decline nicely instead of being rude and ignoring her. and if i'm not mistaken, he even thinks it was funny. but if this is how he treats S, then S should forget about him coz S certainly deserves better treatment. is that how you are taught to treat the ladies? S did post on FB that he's acting gay for doing that but i corrected her. i know plenty of gay people and they may be good or bad but they treat ladies better than he treated sher. so i guess calling him gay was kind of an insult fo the gay community. hahaha~

by the way, you deserve better!! you go S!! :D

in another news: nisa and mimi asked me to go out last night but i had to decline coz i was tired from the lunch/dinner thing. i wasn't even showered yet and they say the car will be there in 10 minutes and they expect me to walk over there. seriously? and then today they asked me again to go out coz they wanted KFC. but i was in the mood to study (tomorrow's the paper, hello) and i wanted to jog. i only noticed the YM when it was long past it's arrival date... they said really wanted KFC? what about when i wanted it? nobody wanted to eat there when i proposed it. hurm. but judging from mimi's blog i know they had lots of fun. and thank goodness i didn't follow them coz i'd be BORED TO DEATH waiting for them to try on attire after attire after attire... 

today's jog was cut short due to the threatening visage that the sky put on. it was around 630pm, and the sky was already very dark. it was already drizzling a bit, in fact. but i finished my last lap at the KRP river and sprinted back to my room. besides i wasn't gonna let water touch my beloved MP3 player even though it's waterproof ;)

should return to revising on D's advice...with a special shouout to 3SGG, go go chaiyok for the finals! :D