Friday, February 19, 2010


Going back to UTM. Will leave for KK this evening. Early tomorrow, will depart for JB. Bye bye beloved family; bye bye Sabah.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sorry guys for being a no-show these few days...Chinese New Year is just...FUN! Summarized in one word (up till today, at least) :D

Lemme update y'all:

- Thursday night: Flight back to KK. Gosh, it was so SCARY. My friend asked me to get ready at 7.45pm, to head to the airport. But then he asked me again: won't it be too early? I asked myself, and decided it was. So we settled for 8.20pm. Then he went to get the tank refilled, and then when we hit the Senai highway, O-M-G. Stuck in jam! I prayed sooooooooo hard in the car. At one point my friend put his hand on my chest and was shocked to feel my fast-beating heart. Hahaha...As soon as we got to the airport, I rushed off into the terminal building. GOOD LORD the attendant was cute and nice; she let me go straight. I felt like I'm in The Amazing Race. LOL... Then the flight. As it always is, there were old people, babies and annoyingly snobby persons. But these will not tarnish my CNY spirit. Like Blaor Waldorf reminded herself, "I am Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly is me."

- Reached KK: Alhamdulillah, reached KK. A bit late but it was okay. Will have less time to kill in T1 KKIA. My friend fetched me there. Brought me for nightcap. Saw shisha outlet but NO shisha - the friend was allergic to smoke. So there i was, Starved of Shisha :P Then we round-round in KK, then settled to kill time in KKIA T1. Bought ticket. Sat in the departure hall. F R E E Z I N G!!!! I wore my hoodie, pulled it tight around the neck, and wore my scarf. Still, it's C O L D !!!

LD - As usual. Good, nice little town. Peaceful. With family. Went crazy withe the family. Love Them! :D

Some pics of KKIA T1:

The family! :D

Other pix and further updates: wait for another day...when time for uploading pix n blogging is long and ample :D