Thursday, September 20, 2012

19th September 2012

Just a quick entry.

Fixed the loose parquet pieces at Grampa's house.

Fiddled with InstaPicFrame, Pixlr-O-Matic and Textgram. Made some custom hipster art. LOL

Can't jog because it rained. It drove me up the wall being unable to jog.

Still racking my brain about the review blog entry.

Enjoying Max and Caroline's company for the umpteenth time.

Good night :)

p/s: I miss you, sweet dreams :*

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Proofreading and Translation Services

Translation and proofreading services for theses, seminar papers and journals. Also for any other documents.
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Proofreading and Translation Services

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I have followed the technology news site The Verge for quite some time now. Apart from the gadget reviews and the current news on technology, I am also enamored by the feature “What’s In Your Bag?” which features the things that editors brought along with them on a daily basis. I also found a tumblr that features something along the lines of what someone brings on a daily basis. Those two websites have inspired me to make a “What’s In Your Bag?” for myself. 

The Bag

My bag is kind of a parting gift from my friend from university, Juju. I had borrowed it since our sophomore year in university and when I finally returned it on our last day in university he said that he’d give it to me and that (to paraphrase him) “it didn’t fit his current style palette”. It’s made of tough canvas and has many pockets and compartments in it. It’s large enough for my iPad plus some paperbacks or magazines I’d have with me The compartments come in handy to separate my electronics from the other stuff; the outer pockets are handy for the little things that I need to access quickly (my phone, for example.)


iPad 2 16GB Wifi Only

            Despite having received comments such as “your iPad is boring”, my iPad is my entertainment center as well as my work station: I have many half-read ebooks in it, as well as Engadget Distro, e-magazines from the Engadget website. I don’t put music in it because I have music on both my phones and I need the space for apps. When I’m not typing out my thoughts in Pages, I’d be sketching and designing in my favorite app, Autodesk Sketchbook. I don’t normally play games except for Monster Pet Shop; what little games I have in here are mostly for others who would like to play with my iPad.

Nokia 500

            I reverted back to my 500 after my Lumia 800 was stolen. I don’t know about you out there but I do consider this a smartphone; Belle is a pleasure to use and the OS is simple enough for me to use. The 5MP shooters excellent for landscapes, I updated the font to Nokia Pure by myself, and the apps that I need are all in this simple but brilliant phone. I can surf the web, listen to music all day long, and at the end of the day there’s still battery life to spare for a one hour call.

Sony Xperia X10

            What made me attracted to the X10 was its design aesthetics, its angular build and sturdy construction (the same reason I am having a renewed love for the current lineup of Sony phones). This is my cameraphone: I used to lug around my Canon EOS 1000D but after purchasing the X10 I can leave the DSLR at home and shoot with the 8.1MP shooter.
            I don’t mind the sluggishness but what I do mind is when I exit from an app it doesn’t seem to be fully off. It is still running in the background. This is what I don’t like with the X10. I have experienced Belle OS, iOS, and also Windows Phone 7.5 and neither of those OSes have this problem.

Lady Gaga Heartbeats

            These are the first edition on the Heartbeats earbuds by Lady Gaga; I prefer this to the newer, more S&M themed pair. I bought it dirt-cheap because it was already a year after this pair of earbuds was launched; the new edition put up right beside this pair further pushed down the price. I don’t see the problem that reviews have written about the fit of the earbuds; they fit nicely into my ears. Being a Gaga fan myself, I guess those who complained about them don’t have ears of a Monster. One fact that I have been able to verify is that these buds were designed with Gaga’s songs in mind; other songs sound nice with them but Gaga’s own songs are noticeably “enhanced” by these earbuds.



            These days the Sun seems to be intensifying in light and heat. A good pair of shades keeps the UV arrows away from my corneas. I “inherited” my dad’s all-black wayfarers when I was 10 and have been in love with them ever since. I have cycled through quite a few pairs of wayfarers because of my tendency to sit on them and snap them in half. I keep my dad’s wayfarers at home as it’s a vintage and a keepsake. Who knows I’d pass it down to my own stylish kids down the road?

Garnier Light Oil Control Moisturizer

            This is a recent purchase and a pleasant departure from the other moisturizers that I have used. This moisturizer is for quick touchups on sweaty days. It has a light texture and it works REALLY well to control oil secretions, a problem that has plagued me since puberty.


            My hair has always been rough and unruly and now that I have long hair it is more so. A hairbrush a day keeps the tangles away :D


Vogue September 2012

            It’s still September, right? I haven’t quite finished reading this 916-page behemoth, because I keep getting distracted by the advertisements. Vogue (and any other fashion magazines, for the matter) is a great source for excellent photography via the ads; Vogue itself is also a good source of great writings (which I myself am quite surprised). The people pieces are a delight to read and a magazine like this is also a way for me to brush up on my language.

Paperback Novels

            I have borrowed books from the library since I was a little boy; I find no reason to buy them because I don’t tend to re-read the books after all (with exceptions, of course). I keep these books close by as a great way to pass the time while commuting and also for toilet breaks. I keep two in case I get bored with the other.

Notebook and Pen

            Face it, who likes it when our electronics fail to help us in times of need? A notebook and pen always serve as a trusty backup plan when it’s not practical and/or convenient to whip out the iPad to jot something down. It also serves as a great place to doodle when I’m bored with both of my paperbacks.

There it is, what is in my bag. What’s in YOUR bag? J