Saturday, September 04, 2010



I'll watch the night turn light blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly
The silence isn't so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly...

i don't expect them, but birthday presents seem to come from the most unexpected of people - this year i finally get what i have coveted for SO long!! YOU have captured what my heart desires in one sweep of my blog...

i don't know what i did to deserve this, but i am truly grateful to have you...

i love you!!!! :D


Friday, September 03, 2010


it's the third of september...

don't wait up!



Thursday, September 02, 2010

cutie's day out

what an interesting day out.
went to the taxi stand at FAB to avoid having to pay the RM2 service charge for fetching us. went out at 12 noon - sweltering heat i tell you... (insert Singaporean accent)

the taxi uncle must've thought i am an international student - edgy haircut, black bouncer tee, jeans and Vans. plus juju's utilitarian bag (i love it, juju). ohmygosh, the look he was giving me behind those inky-black shades was short of murder. but i took it lightly - i'm just too happy today to be bothered my such menial disturbances.

went to JJ. plenty of eyes on me it was quite unsettling. yes i know, my hair is unique... it ain't mr trump's combover, so no need to panic. my hair won't jump off my head and bite you :P so i went through every aisle (except for toys and electrical appliances - too precarious to maneuver through). got some food for next week. maggi, a bar of fruit and nut choc, apples and wholemeal bread. oh and a tube of oil control moisturizer. i even bought a pack of juice boxes. a first for me. LOL.

headed back after going into MPH to look for reading material. but thinking of the taxi fare i have to set aside for the airport trip on the 9th, i decided to lay off the recreational reading... i even forwent the wireless mouse and earphones that i have long intended to buy... maybe next time. huhuhuhu...

going back with taxi. "Kolej 11" was a reflex answer that i am trying to curb, now that i live in KRP. LOL... but this pakcik was a nice one. tried to strike a conversation but i was too thirsty to answer (not to mention these effin' contacts drying up from the heat and my own dehydration) so i just nodded and smiled and "m-hmm"-ed. he thought that i was chinese, but i didn't speak with an accent so finally he knew the truth... reached my room and received a live birthday wish from my roomie :)

- i'm grateful that things got better between me and my socialite peers - alhamdulillah :)
- can't wait for tomorrow to arrive!!!! OMG!!! :D
- i'm so thirsty.... those juice boxes are calling my name... say my name say my name (destiny's child)
- the guy at bluecube said that i can't pay my bills with cash because some quota was filled up. i don't wanna go online with this sluggish line... i wanna pay for a fast connection!!!


Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano, all I know is I love you too much to walk away though...'s been 18 hours since the fight. dyana knew about it too, and she was also surprised that it happened. well... all that fabulous positivity had to be offset by some negativity. the wheels do turn, and it's on the bottom for us now.

mentioned it to mum. she always manages to make me look like the bad guy in any bad situation i'm in. if things happen and i keep being the one in the blame, maybe it's really me. but i can't possibly always be the one... i reflect everyday - trying to be a better me. consideration, moderation, empathy. where am i doing the reflection wrong?

or maybe i should stop obsessing about trying to be a better me and just be human?

i'm sorry guys... raya's coming and everything...

can't wait for tomorrow! finally meeting you :D
i'm waiting for that little bag of surprise...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

birthday blues

my dear friends keep asking me "how are you going to celebrate your birthday?", "who are you going to celebrate it with?"... thanks for the Qs, friends...a appreciate your cordiality... honestly, those Qs are relatively new to me.

back home i'd be greeted at school with wishes of happy birthday, and just have dinner with my family; sure, when i was little there were parties, but there weren't many. nevertheless, i am grateful for them because i get to be around people i love, my family :)

but my birthday this year seems to be kinda strange. i'm truly grateful (and frankly surprised) by the turnout of wishes...gotta thank facebook's birthday notifications too... thanks friends and family for the wishes :)

there was an invitation to go out last night by my closest pals. but i declined... i had a test today. i decided that belting songs for the third time (in a row) is not the way to face this test... and i know i sounded stupid with last night's excuse: feeling old, et cetera. honestly, i wasn't thinking straight last night.

now i finally found the right reason why and i'm able to phrase the answer to why i didn't want to go out - it was because you are hanging out with someone else... you all went out with your friend whom i know of but am not close with. and i want to just spend my birthday with people i already know, people whom i have already learn to love. i don't want to spend it trying to get to know someone new. it's not his/her fault, he/she did not do anything wrong. it's just me. besides, screaming my lungs is not what i'm currently looking to do - i want to shop/window-shop. to walk amidst the fresh new products of a shopping mall. to delight in the sight, smell and feel of new merchandise... not to mention to stock up on supplies for next week.

and now i look forward to spending time with my closest friends. all of them at once. not one, not two/three of them. but all at once. but even that seems to be a bit far-fetched. they're busy with a new assignment. i try reassuring myself it's okay, it's fine. it's not their fault they're tied up. they have more important things to do. but who am i kidding. i feel sad.

oh how i wish someone knew what i'm feeling. how i wish i have my beloved family by my side.

and it certainly ain't helping that you aren't here by my side... oh how i wish i could fast forward to 3rd september!! :'(

happy birthday me!


so many friends wished me a happy birthday...

got myself a birthday song MMS from a dear friend...

got birthday picture messages...

got two blog pages dedicated to me...

and something MORE special... ;)

so now i am one year older... but still cute :P



p/s: can't wait for 3rd and 4th september... why does it feel SO far away~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31st august 2010

happy independence day!! or as it is traditionally called, "selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan!!"

i had to turn down friends' offer of breaking fast together today - i just don't feel like appearing in public, or specifically, meeting anyone other than friends (they have other company) new. i feel like going to jusco taman u, though. maybe i'll ask juju to at LEAST drop me off after class. i know he (or anyone else) would not be in the mood to go have a walk. but it's just been SO long since i've been there. i miss that place :)

what i'm doing (as of this moment) :

- blogging (duh)

- killing stuff, conquering lands, and stripping the (virtual) environment of resources; the only place where it's legal to kill and pillage :P

- missing someone so so so so so so much...

- thinking about tomorrow's test. and tomorrow's classes. and whether i'd be asleep in it.

- will there be class on thursday?? everyone seems to be heading home starting tomorrow afternoon!!

p/s: i like it when you scold me. it's not a softcore BDSM fetish, but it shows me that you care enough to scold me. it's certainly a breath of fresh air from being constantly so independent and free-willed. i like it. thanks for scolding me ;)


happy independence day malaysia!!

30th august snippets

BI class. had to walk to class. sweltering heat. even people who don't normally complain about the weather complained.

fyi, it's fine if you don't want to fetch me to class, or if you're too pressed for time to turn into KRP... all i need is an answer, yes or no. it's that easy. so i don't have to wait until it's almost too late to go to class. walking needs more time than driving, you know.

2pm to 3pm - gis database test.

i was so drowsy and sleepy i don't even know what to answer.

one of the two test i have to go through before raya holidays arrive. next one on the 1st of september.

wednesday is the day... i keep having this fantasy of a BIG thing happening on that day. but as with other imagined things, i'm sure it won't come true~

had my hair cut today - LOVE it! i feel like a model with an edgy haircut!!! thanks hairi~

do we have to go to class on thursday?

i can't stop thinking about YOU. you know who you are... ;)

p/s: 3rd and 4th september is closing in... can't wait~

Monday, August 30, 2010

sunday bash

broke fast at kfc near damansara aliff.

afterwards, went back to get nisa's ill-fitting jeans and the vouchers to ali baba karaoke place in giant tampoi.

highlight of the night - syaz's cornrows by mimi!! :D


and then, we went to bazaar jb to go for a walk, and survey stuff - it's been a while since we've done that. GREAT VIEW!!!!!!!! :P

no shisha, though. got a test on monday and wednesday. can't afford to lose too much brain cells :P

here are some pics - the rest are in the socialites photo album in my facebook.

credits to nisa too for the pics! :D

waiting in line to buy food

my spread

mimi and "syazzie ana"

nisa and me

post-meal exercise

"jangan pisahkan...aku dan diaaaa..."

"tahukah engkau betapa hebat cintaku..."

post-karaoke photoshoot :)





wish juju was here with us too :(

went to sahur before heading back to utm. greeted by the sight of mr pak guard eating his sahur. looking up from his tapau. cute~

i'm getting old(er) in two more days...

p/s: can't wait for 3rd and 4th september to arrive... :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

wasted saturday

what a wasted saturday.

i did not sleep from friday night. basically waiting for some people to ask me to go out. i thought we would, but we didn't. i canceled all other plans to make it to this one, and then this one got cancelled too.

then i just sat around, going online. edited images and stuff, read blogs, read noted for the upcoming tests, et cetera.

up till morning. showered, did olive oil treatment for my hair, washed it off, reveled in the softness of my hair. slept at 11+am, woke up at three. basically just doing nothing.

berbuka time - express bazaar run with the girls. bought food and then went back to have dinner.

showered, asked around for who wants to go out. nobody. what a waste of a good saturday.

did arcmap assignments. watched kekkaishi. drew some stuff. texted someone. watched ugly betty reruns. blogged.

ketsu! metsu!

one part of the arcmap assignment

now it's sunday. whatever the situation will be, i'm going out later. sitting in the room is just boring!!!

p/s: i know it ain't easy just to drive around, especially in this fasting month and you don't want to go out... you surely face more fatigue (mental and physical) than us passengers do... but if you didn't want to go out, just say so... no need to beat around the bush. i'm your friend, i do understand... plus, i wouldn't like it if i'm the only one enthusiastic about going out... and one more thing. i'm not a freeloader... i use the car too, so i am also responsible for it... if you want help with filling up the tank, just say so; i'd be more than glad to help out... hope there's no hard feelings,btw. i'm a guy, so i just don't know how to say it out loud...