Friday, May 14, 2010

new venture!


i'm planning to create a series. kind of like a written TV series. but i'm still trying to think of a theme, and a pilot to start it all. oh, and i'm also trying to figure out technicalities such as intellectual property and about protecting my rights.

if you have any idea for stories, please do inform me! i see it as a challenge for the mind - can't let it stagnate!

keep your fingers crossed, friends!



the first friday at home.

keeping willpower and sanity on full charge this holiday - need to stop jiggling (again)!

when and how am i going to break the news to my parents that i lost my ic (again)?

when will the scholarship money come in?

when will you start texting me first instead of me having to start the conversation all the time?

still feeling angry at the "friend" who went AWOL after getting a special someone.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get With The Program!

I'm getting plump. Well, if I haven't, I will be. What with two months to spend with no chance of running and mum's neverending love and cooking, I decided to get realistic and IMPROVISE. To those who have been pestering me with "how did you do it?" Well, get off that couch and turn that boob tube off - get with the program already!

Slip into those skinnies, be 10kg thinner, wheeze a LOT less while shopping - all these are called goals. You may set any that you want, but make sure they're realistic. And SAFE. Losing 10kg IS REALISTIC, but not SAFE if you only have one week. That's called crash dieting, and it is not safe!

For me, I've given up trying to be ultra skinny. It is not in my genes. So I have forsaken that goal, and these are the new mantra: Be healthily-built: aim not for Nicole Richie, but the healthy, sexy Katherine Heigl.

be this!

NOT this.

Why women as role models, you may ask? Well, most male celebs are either (a) aiming to get ripped; (b) are blessed with natural skinny-ness; or (c) shamelessly jiggling. I do not aim to be ripped, I am not blessed with skinny genes (no pun intended), and I refuse to jiggle!!! All these brings me to the main aim: BE REALISTIC. Besides, Katherine's H-O-T.

SUMMARY: Set realistic goals to keep you on track.

"Ooh, I'm going on a diet," "Ooh, I won't eat this/that/anything." Just saying these won't make you instantly skinny; you have to do something. Well, living in Malaysia may be a blessing and a curse when it comes to food: we have all these tasty delicacies up for grabs, thanks to our diverse culture and multitude of races. We won't be able to hold off that beloved Nasi Lemak. That plate of Char Kuey Teaw will always whisper sweet nothings to you.

GOOD NEWS PALS! Denying yourself of food is not the way to good health - just take it in moderation. Be like the French: enjoy every bite, savor the food as if it is an expensive delicacy you may eat once in a lifetime. You'll feel full with less, instead of wondering whether you've had lunch/dinner a few hours later.

The basic rule still applies: More fruits and vegetables!!!


To those who love fast food (like yours truly), you may have your share of double cheeseburger or a Dinner Plate. For me, if I'd wanna have me some McD, I make sure I (a) have a killer workout the day/few hours before; (b) have less food before the McD; or (c) have less food after the McD. Just keeping it all balanced without denying yourself of food. If you have a dinner date/annual dinner/get together/any events with lotsa food, get protein and skip the carbs; have an array of food in small amounts, and do a cleanse/fast the day after.

WATER WATER WATER. It's important. And ask yourself whenever you have hunger pangs: "Am I hungry or thirsty?" Most of the time it's just thirst. We don't drink enough water in our daily lives. Especially us in the equatorial region. Oh, and some facts:

- No point in buying bottled/mineral water. You're just drinking plain water but paying more for it. Just read the source of water.
- RO water is good. You can skip the minerals; you can obtain those from food.
- This applies to PLAIN water, not air bandung/sirap limau/orange juice that is often seen accompanying meals.

SUMMARY: Don't restrict, but regulate food intake. Remember to offset unhealthy food intake with healthy options the day after.

#3 E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E.
Keeping your diet of salad greens and coffee won't help you get that bombshell body. You've got to work for it! We are all civilised, grown-up people; where and when did they say that getting what we want is easy? We still need to work for it no matter what. So, in addition to keeping tab on what you eat, you need to shape up those jiggly parts!

Thankfully I have my trusty resistance bands (for workouts on the go), and and body weight training (from my PLKN days). I also have my running (when I'm in campus). I still have gym-phobia, so going to one is out of the question. If you haven't have one exercise plan yet, do get one. Types of exercise is as follows:

- Cardio: Great fat-burner. Aerobics, Running, Cycling, basically anything that gets your heartbeat elevated. Great for stamina and endurance too.
- Weights: Great for toning the body and round-the-clock weight loss. Why round-the-clock?When you train muscles, you will gain a great calorie-burning tool. Muscles need more energy to be sustained than fat. Plus, you'll look more lean and toned, not saggy.

A combo of both is best; but whatever you do, don't forget to stretch!

SUMMARY: Incorporate exercise into your regimen. No buts! Start off easy, and don't forget to stretch!

Three basic steps to a better body. goals, good food choices and exercise. Saying "No time-lah" is bullsh!t. You would have plenty of time when you stop bitching about having no time to do something healthy. Instead of the bus/car, walk home from class. Send that memo to a colleague by walking to his/her cubicle, no emailing. Take a walk at lunch. Stand up and let the old lady sit in your place when in an LRT/waiting for your turn at the bank. Little things do add up to your efforts in achieving good health.

disclaimer: please consult your physicians before embarking on any exercise program. the author will not be responsible for any problems faced by readers. these are only advice given from the author's knowledge and experience.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010

Bye Bye~


Bye Bye UTM...

See you again soon...InsyaAllah~





Sunday, May 09, 2010

Kolej 11

Silence penetrates every nook and cranny of this comparatively young residential college. I seem to be the only (local) student left here. I've pretty much been by my lonesome in this section of MA6 since the start of the holidays - leaving me with all the amenities for myself. The toilet's mine, the washing machine's mine, the room's mine. Will fly to KK tomorrow, and is spending a very, very quiet time alone before the departure.

Underestimated the bulk of my leftover stuff (intended for the usage of Survey Camp) and now have no compartment or container to store. had to heavy-heartedly forsake some things, give away some unworn-yet-still-in-good-condition clothes to the cleaner aunty and uncle (thanks a bunch!) and (try) to squeeze some into my carry-on and luggage, hoping it won't exceed the weight limit. *sigh*

Took a trip to the storeroom (hoping for a miracle) to see whether it is still open (nope). It was on the fourth floor of MA7, the first place I've lived in Kolej 11. So I took a chance to see my old room, MA7-408. Turned the knob sloooowly (I fear there might still be tenants in there) and what do you know, it's unlocked and no one's living in it. It certainly brought back memories: the vista of the cafe arcade which allowed me to see whether any outlets were open; the view of the parking lot where it once brought much annoyance in the early mornings from all the revving engines of motorbikes; I even re-lived the view of an orange evening sun setting on the horizon. And I even saw a message written on the whiteboard of a tenant to his roommate, along with a blog address.

I'm all alone in this place. Nowhere to go, no transport to bring me anywhere. The sky's growling, signifying a heavy downpour later. Maybe will go to CP tonight to get the loose change converted into notes. (Finally hit RM30). I'm gonna miss parts of you, Kolej 11.

Being an emcee for their dinner night (tested the limits of my xenophobia).

me (one half of the Malam Se-Blast formal emcees) and a special guest from KTF (ex-matric friend)

Being photographer for Kolej 11's sports events (opened me up to sports photography).

FESCO K11 '09 (Photographer cum Banner Artist)

FESCO '09 Volleyball Match

Being on the F&B committee for a high-school students motivation program (it's hard work being a waiter!)

Ifmi Cafe (hope you'll still be here to serve those amazingly cheap yet tasty ABCs!).

Shelly Corner (possibly the best tempeh in campus).

Jogging up to the observatory (challenging!)

The spacious room.

These are but some of the sweet memories collected in my mind. The bitter ones, let's just archive it away into the dusty dark corners of my memory.

Goodbye, Kolej 11.





Happy Mother's Day to my Beloved Mum Suhana Abdullah...

The best mum ever - thanks for bringing me into this world, and for making me who I am today...You rock!

Looking forward to your home-cooked meals...Yummy! :D

REALITY TV: Season Finale


That is neither a sigh of dismay, nor a sigh of any other negative emotions. It's the sigh of relief, as the three-week-long Survey Camp is finally OVER!!! Now I can sit down and properly make a new blog entry...

Today, Saturday 8th May 2010. Marks the first day of the rest of your life. Oops, misquoted Bride Wars. LOL...It's the presentation day, where we presented our slides and poster to a panel of lecturers plus the head of department. we were bracing ourselves for a barrage of questions, and thankfully William managed to dodge them (kinda) skillfully... He's an expert in these stuff, gotta hand it to him :D

After the presentation, I was So Happy I Could Die (Gaga, 2009)...Hahaha...I felt like jumping and tumbling! But no I didn't. I just compiled all the assignments, and put them in a folder to be put in the lecturer's computer after the show is over.

my poster

So after the presentation's over, came the time for the Global Outreach Program. I don't know what to feel about it. I don't know how to react to it. Dismayed? Disappointed? Peeved? I didn't care much.I didn't have a large part in it this time. Maybe it's time for others to shine. Or it's just my services aren't needed. Better things are in store for me, perhaps. All I know is that my holiday has started.

Went back early (all work: done!), had takeaway nasi ayam penyet, and walked home with cheerful tunes playing on my phone:

Natasha Bedingfield - Happy
Carpenters - Top Of The World
Lady Antebellum - I Run To You
Lady Antebellum - Stars Tonight

Had lunch. Rested, and fell asleep with Bride Wars running (my current favorite rerun victim) until 9.30pm. HAHAHA...I seem to have started repaying those sleep debts involuntarily...Practically drifted around the room, with no particular aim in mind. Still have to get this battlefield aka my room tidied up, pack things up to store at my friend's house. Feel like going out, but not much funds to splurge on. So I just stayed in my room like the proverbial vestal virgin. Will have plenty of fun + sleepless in KK with my dear cousins come Monday/Tuesday... ;) Besides, I gotta start living on the minimum for that planned purchase of a camera...hehe~

The holidays are here, all work for this semester is done, and I'm prepared to be a temporary lotus eater... Until real life beckons me again...Rough outline of things to do:

- Have little brother drive me around town, go yum-cha (he got his driver's license before me)
- Have crazy fun with sister...Miss her!
- Bake bread and cakes with mum
- Spend more time with Grampa
- (Maybe) Go on fishing trip with Dad
- Hangout with High School Besties! Gonna be like the old days, pals!!!

Last but not least...